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Now I know all I have written about so far has been Avatar related stuff (That is Avatar:The Last Airbender) but now that I have the complete series box sets, its been hard not to watch them. So going off of this hype train, I present to you my ideas for some Avatar spin off series.

Anthology series

The avatar universe definitely needs to be explored in more depth. But I'm not very concerned about the future of this world (the Avatar world that is), but I would rather like to see some of this world's history. This would make an anthology series work very well if we just wanted a bunch of random stories set in the world. The show wouldn't necessarily have to focus on an avatar, but is would have to focus on some event that happened before the show or see events we have already seen through another point of view.

Airbenders series

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of LoK, I really liked what the show did with the airbenders. Then that got me to thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool if they had their own series?" The series wouldn't have to feature Korra much or even mention her, it could just be about the airbenders being awesome and saving the world. Maybe the airbenders are there to handle small minor threats around the world. I don't know, I think the airbenders in season 4 of LoK are a lot like jedi and it would be cool to see a series about them.

Dai Li Origins

It would be cool to see a mini-series about the Dai Li. Even though they were bad guys, they where probably some of the coolest in the series. I think it would be interesting to see who founded them and what their original purpose was. At first I started to think that Long Feng founded them, but they where probably around much longer. I just think that story arc in the series was the most interesting, and besides, it would be awesome to see some more Dai Li fight scenes.

Series about Non-benders

Even though bending is the coolest thing in avatar, I still think it would be awesome to see a series about the non-bender who works hard and becomes a hero in his/her own right. And maybe this non-bender develops a certain skill that he uses to fight benders that involves blocking chi. I would watch that show.


So which series would you watch?


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