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Bette Midler has reignited our sequel dreams by performing "I Put a Spell On You" from Hocus Pocus LIVE in concert AND IT'S EVERYTHING!

If you are like me, you would sell your soul to the Sanderson sisters and find them as many children to suck the lives out of as it takes to get a Hocus Pocus sequel. This is my biggest hope and dream, so what's the deal Disney?! Well just when I was losing hope, Bette Midler brings us back to life! Currently on tour, Bette surprised audiences of her current tour by coming out in FULL WINIFRED SANDERSON costume and with two backup singers to perform Hocus Pocus' infamous rendition of I Put A Spell On You! Best part? SHE GOES ALL OUT, and it's as if the film was released yesterday! Complete with the entrance music, a live orchestra , the Sanderson sister's creepy Salem cottage as the backdrop, and her beloved one-eyed spell-book, it's everything you've ever wanted and MORE! You have to watch!

During the performance, she makes it clear Winifred Sanderson is ready to be resurrected once more when she says:

Iā€™m ready for my sequel, Mr. Disney.

So are we Bette! SO are we!

Bette is as amazing as she was over 20 years ago when Hocus Pocus was released in theaters! After seeing this, I am angry that Disney has so long denied us what we so rightfully deserve! I mean what dead man's toe do I need to get to make this happen?! We have all the ingredients for the perfect sequel! If anything, a Broadway musical with Bette as the lead would do the trick! GET IT DONE!

If we do ever get a sequel, listen up Disney, this is what I need:

The Three ORIGINAL Sanderson Sisters:

Literally, without Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, and Bette Midler on board, don't even try it.

Ice and Jay

They don't need a reason to be back, this is reason enough.

Billy Butcherson

Someone will have to help the newbies beat the Sanderson sisters for good! Plus it will be funny to see him be grumpy again when he's woken up against his will!

The Book

Winifred is nothing without her precious...

Max and Alison Happily Ever After

I just want to make sure Max and Alison got married and had babies and lived happily ever after...

Dani leading the pack

Last time we checked, Thora Burch still rocks! Could you imagine her taking on the witches as an adult, or maybe even actualy.... JOINING THEIR SIDE?! Last time, it was Max's movie. Now, It's Dani's turn!

Sarah singing

It just wouldn't be the same without Sarah's spellbinding voice and idiotic one liners! AMUK AMUK AMUK!

A sequel has been in the rumor mill for some time, and where there is smoke, a virgin lit a black flame candle, so I am keeping my broomsticks crossed!

Do you think we will ever get a Hocus Pocus sequel?


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