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The key to a good Mad Max film is to keep the story simple, the action organic (practical stunts), the cinematography masterful (I would be disappointed if Miller didn't titrate the frame rate to effect), the dialog minimal, the character names bizarre, and the back stories, even if tediously thought out, unexplained (adds a tantalizing, mysterious element). If the Interceptor could be brought back, it would be interesting and welcome, but the worst thing that could happen would be to over think it. Fury Road worked for me, as a die hard fan of the franchise, because it felt true to form in the Wasteland. It should still feel like a Western on iron ponies, with disjointed moments that harken back to the silent film era, but with a Queensland edge. The key would just be to let Miller stay true to his sensibilities, as much as possible, and keep others out of the mix. A sequel should also have reasonable box office expectations. An R rated film without dinosaurs, The Rock, or costumed family friendly comic book superheroes will never break box office records, but it will satisfy a large audience who is hungry for a satisfying movie that will generate a legacy after its box office run (it's like expecting a Velvet Underground album to go double platinum). Or better yet hell... Bring in The Rock and make him a tattered mutant with a complicated and completely unexplained back story, hinted at by deft visuals and a well-executed costume.


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