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Let us take solace in one another, Hannibal fans. The most artisan ornate show on television has indeed been cancelled, but we can fight off the despair by enjoying what we have left, and huddling close. Like penguins! Episode 4 of Hannibal Season 3 takes further pains to lay out our characters and their motivations in gruesome detail. Let's recap the episode "Aperitivo" shall we? If you missed last week's round-up of Hannibal Season 3, you can find it right here!

Mason Verger needs a partner!

I was curious how Joe Anderson would take over the role of Mason Verger after Michael Pitt apparently proved too difficult for production. Apparently, Verger is now played up as the kind of villain who boisterously and without irony says things like "one million dollars!" Mason is likely the most immediate in his desire to get revenge on Hannibal, and hell, at least he knows what he wants! It's an absolute joy to see his face reconstructed to psychedelic 70s synth, and for him simply to declare "good as new" upon seeing the botched job.

My one reservation about Verger so far is in comparison to other versions of the character. Gary Oldman's was better. Let's just face it... oh god that was a poor choice of words! While Oldman's Verger genuinely looked like the stuff of nightmares, this one has a weird coolness to him, and when viewed from the side, seems to have somewhat of a cute squirrel face!

Alana Bloom is back!

FBI multi pass!
FBI multi pass!

I wasn't sure what form Alana Bloom would return in for Hannibal Season 3, but this episode seems to have her right out The Fifth Element. I guess the cooler looking your injury was, the cooler looking your treatment is, and did you see that fall? That was some mortal combat x-ray special move right there! Dr Frederick Chilton has been doing the rounds with the other characters in this episode, going so far as to compare weird facial augmentations with Mason Verger, and it seems Alana has one of the most complex plans to retaliate against Hannibal.

Alana visits the Verger lands where Margot seems to have just been chilling this whole time, and seeks to aid Mason in his desire to "eat Hannibal alive". For some reason, that's not nearly as disturbing as Margot's warning, "if my brother offers you chocolate, politely decline". That line is never referenced again and its incredibly creepy somehow!


Not quite what I had in mind.
Not quite what I had in mind.

So let's talk about the one theme Season 3 has been playing with this whole time. Alana visits Hannibal's former home where the massacre at the end of Season 2 went down, and finds Will Graham there, because where else would he be hanging out, honestly? I truly liked her wording to describe Will's irrevocable attachment to Hannibal.

You realize here is that that this entire episode is about people who have been directly harmed by Hannibal, and how they deal with prospects of retribution and forgiveness. Alana seems to have the coolest reaction, with marrow seeping into her blood making her walk jadedly with a cane. Mason tries to project a sense of forgiveness, stating that this isn't a revenge thing. It's okay, Mason. We all know it's a revenge thing. And Will continues with the least healthy way to cope with things; by hallucinating Abigail as the embodiment of his sense of forgiveness. Notice how she's covered in blood, smiling after his talk with Alana. Her very image is designed to invoke a sense of "everything's gonna be okay. You have done nothing wrong"

What's in store for Will Graham?

So this episode seems to take a jump back in time, having Will attempt to build some sense of normality in his life, by building boats and engines, and generally being manly yet sensitive! Gee, Will, why don't you put all this on your OKCupid account? Then again, there's a LOT of other stuff you should probably warn people of too!


Will rejects the possibility to team up once more with Jack Crawford, who gets a strangely poignant and intimate focus in this episode. I've never understood Gina Torres' place in this show, being an emotional core in a story that claims not to have one, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the brunt of her euthanasia. Beautiful transitions between weddings and funerals are just icing on the cake! We can get the best sense of Will's fate in a conversation between Jack and Chilton. There's a sense of acceptance in the way these two men talk about Will.

Given the ending of last week's episode where Hannibal concludes that he has to eat Will Graham much in the same way as you would pluck up the courage to ask someone to prom, we're getting more than a little worried for Will. His solution seems to be going sailing, and sticking his head out in the brisk ocean air. Just stay there, Will! Find a nice little island for yourself, and you can put all this nonsense behind you.I would say that's an unlikely way for Season 3 to end, but hey. This show is cancelled. They're gonna have to find a way to wrap up somehow!


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