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Love DC, love to draw, wild and wicked adventures
Antonio Fletcher

So yeah here I am falling from the heart of the sky. WOAH watch out birdy. How and why am I falling??? I asked my self??? Like in total confusion. Then it hit me. HA! I must be dreaming. Still falling as the chills of the wind touch me. Pich pich OUCH!!! OK I am not dreaming. I am wearing a white suit dress for perfection still falling. I WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY some guy falling after me hey he has a black suit that's awesome. OH WAIT I remember I was in the middle of stopping this bad bugger. As I am gaining my powers back from being knocked out I fly upwards and give him the most outraging fight a hero could give to stop his acts. He as he is about to blast his gun at me I dodge and grab his head and turned around just before we impacted the ground and caved his head thru the ground. BOOM i hear citizens every running for shelter. I jumped out the ground and landed solid ground to see if every one was ok... rocks crumple under ground YOU ARE GOING DOWN YOU FREAKO said the guy in the black suit. *srcatches head* I remember get ice cream with my girlfriend where'd this guy come from to try and kill me....????


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