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Wong Hon Fung

Marvel announced the third installment of Captain America------Civil War and Marvel announced that the sniper Crossbones will be playing in the film.Many people are very excited about this and there are many discussions about this character what he will be playing and how is he involved in civil war.Well,my thoughts are here.

I think Crossbones will shoot Captain American at a sniper post first,and than captured by Shield.He then will be saved by The Serpent Squad,probably.And Cap recovers,Iron Man teasing him,with the Superhero Registration Act to begin.

And I think that Red Skull will pop up for a few seconds,like the Baron Von Strucker scene in Avengers:Age of Ultron,and order Crossbones to kill Cap.

At the same time, Cap and Downey will be fighting while Crossbones shoot him.The Serpent Squad will appear and-- Boom! That makes the shape of Civil War.

I don't know that if Crossbones will die of appear again in the future Marvel movies,but that's all for the prediction of Civil War.

And there's a leaked video of Civil War below.I don't know if it is official or not,but you can click to see it.

If u have any comments,u can post it down to tell me.

Choose a side.-------Civil War---------May 6 ,2016



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