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Incredibly talented Deviant artist Jeffach, real name Jeff Chapman, has reimagined a series of renowned characters. However, unlike the usual fan art we are familiar with on the Internet, his artwork has a slightly different edge.

Take a look at some examples of his realistic, yet fantastic, examples below before finding out exactly how he does it (and note: They haven't been posed for by real cosplayers!)

1. Power Girl

If you thought that a beautiful woman posed for this buxom version of Power Girl, you're wrong.

2. Super Girl

This certainly isn't a cosplayer, nor is it a digital painting...

3. Ariel

And with this Ariel, don't think you've just collided with a real-life mermaid.

4. Aquaman

Neither is this Aquaman a product of a digital artist's impeccable brush stroke technique.

5. Elsa

And finally, I bet you wished that this human version of Elsa really existed. But she doesn't.

So, how does Jeff achieve in creating such incredible images without paint and cosplayers?

Well, he actually employs common stock photos to produce his artwork. Like this for example:

As you can see, Elsa is made up of many components, including a variety of different models! Isn't that amazing?

In the same way, he has transformed this image into a mesmerising interpretation of Wonder Woman:

Incredible! I wouldn't have even known that the components used to create the above posters were borrowed from stock photographs.

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