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We all remember that horror 90's film, where Drew Barrymore gets stalked, chased and killed (not to mention hanged) in her house by a mysterious serial killer, who not only had a very twisted mind but also two very recognizable things, a deep telephonic voice, and a 'ghost face'

Scream was for me my first contact with the horror genre, It was the first series I was able to follow since I was born in '93. It was awesome, seeing Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, trying to outsmart ghost face to discover who the bad guy (or guys) is this time around.


MTV decided to make a spin-off from the movie, and turn it into a show ! And I know what you're thinking (tv and movies don't go well together) and I was thinking the exact same thing when I read they were doing it. UNTIL the first 8 minutes in the show were posted yesterday on the show's Facebook Page.


Show looks creepy, it kept that classic horror feeling, with the girl in the house and getting ready for taking a shower ( or getting into the tub) and I know it sounds cliché but it works most of the times, and it certainly works on this one, the movie turned series who made this scene a classic. However i love the way they adapted our era with social networking such as Snapchat, Texting and basically Siri. I dare to say this will be an actual 'scary tv show' unlike other shows who claim to be scary which are not. (Not hating though, can't wait for AHS:Hotel and Scream Queens)


The short scene has this 90's vibe to it, with the big house and the hot blonde girl, HOWEVER, I just don't think we can be completely complete if we don't have an actual phone call, that was one of the many things that make this movie the classic that it is today, if we have no ghost face voice, things won't be the same. And that won't be appreciated by the true fans of the saga.


I could just have kept this one for 'the bad' category but i had to make the UGLY statement here, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MASK, I mean I know that some things, such as the phone call changed for texting, or even snapchats, need to be adapted to our era and that's fine, and maybe no phone calls are also a not so important part of the film because, well, it's not so much of the newer era, BUT CHANGING GHOST FACE MASK? I honestly got so bummed when i saw the different mask, and I'm not even one of those crazy fans that want everything just as in the classic, no. But without the phone calls and the original mask, we have sorta a different story.


All i have to say now is that I will be watching the show as soon as it comes out and i'll be documenting my thoughts on it, I just hope this things I complain about are surpassed by the quality of the horror and keeping true to the essence of the films.




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