ByMuhd Sufyan, writer at

As you all may have know that Moana is an upcoming disney movie on the next year 2016. The first ever polynesian princess. A spirited girl who set sail on the sea to fulfill her ancestors quest. She teams up with the legendary demigod Maui who voiced by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. And her name is Moana Waialiki. So my petition is about hiring a Maui girl named Makamae Kailani Auwae as Moana. She's not just a polynesian girl who might fit the role, but an amazing singer too! She has her Hawaiian-accent which i think will be suitable for the character. If you all have watch Disney Brave, you will noticed that princess Merida has her scottish-accent. I think Princess Moana too should has a Hawaiian-accent just like Makamae. Another thing is Makamae has alot of experience on singing. Plus, she was in a band called Christafari and has been travel the world.Other than that, with Makamae singing career i think it won't be a mess for hiring this girl because she's perfect. Hence, Makamae believes she will fit the role because it is her culture and she can speak hhawaiian language fluently. I really hope disney will pick her as Moana. Definitely they need a new name to the family. Oh and this is her audition video


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