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Many Fans around the world, will remember the late sir Patrick Macnee who passed away at 93, A veteran British actor whose appeared in Countless of films and television shows over the decades. But most fans like myself will certainly remember him, as the suave bowler hat wearing secret agent john steed. A character macnee made his own. from the british t v show 'the Avengers' Created in (1961) The storyline was based on the character Dr.david keel starring ian Henry and his side-kick john steed. played by Patrick macnee. After the first season Ian Henry left the show, Automatically Leaving the Way opened for Macnee's John steed character to come the Main Character.

During the years of the shows run, the john steed character has had several actresses played side-kick Asisstants to him, Starting with Honor Blackman who played Cathy Gale who stayed for only 43 episodes 1962 - 1964 honor Blackman moved on to play pussy Galore in bond movie 'Goldfinger' 1964 alongside Sean connery. Diana Rigg took Over As Emma peel Doing 51 Episodes 1965 -1968 She surprisingly moved on becoming a bond Girl in 'On her Majesty's secret service' (1969)

Linda thorton replaced diana rigg (1968 - 1969) as character tara king Which was the last season of the show. But that wasn't the End of 'the Avengers' the Show returned again in 1976 And Patrick macnee Reprised his Signiture Role in a Revival of the show titled 'the new Avengers' with john steed having two sick-kicks this time joanna Lumley as purdey and Garith Hunt as Gambitt. Unfortunately the series only Lasted for 1 season, The Avengers became a worldwide classic cult show with a Global fan base Following. Sir Patrick Macnee R.I.P


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