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One of the main joys of this platform is that we get to read so many incredible posts from the worlds of movies, TV, gaming and pop-culture every single day. We're a haven for fans of all ages and interests to share their unique stories with millions of like-minded readers.

But sometimes, we all need a little help transforming that amazing idea into a truly flawless post. So, we came up with this guide of handy tricks to help your posts become as fabulous as Channing here:

He's pretty damn fabulous.
He's pretty damn fabulous.

Choosing a Format

The decision is ultimately yours about which format you decide to go with, but some points to bear in mind…

"Post" on the left, "Quick Post" on the right
"Post" on the left, "Quick Post" on the right
  • If you’re using a header image which has a lot of white/light colours in it, it’s best to go for quick post. In long form, the (white) title gets overlaid on top of the image, making it very hard to read
  • Header images with a lot of text should be avoided, or should appear in quick posts, for the same reason
  • If you’re doing a news piece with a lot of short paragraphs, quick post is also the way to go!

Titles and Cover Images

  • Keep an eye on title length- long form articles can have longer titles, but over all the title length indicator (which you can see directly under the title) is definitely worth keeping an eye on.
  • In titles, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. are capitalized. (Including the infamous “Is”).
  • The only things that shouldn’t be capitalized are prepositions (such as and, the, of...)
Mark knows what's up
Mark knows what's up
  • Double check/ optimise the dimensions of your featured image for the post, not for a Facebook thumbnail. Basically, avoid this:
Not cool.
Not cool.


  • Make sure all of the images are relevant to the post. Although making the articles look visually pleasing is very important, ask yourselves: is this image adding something to my article, or is it just a filler?
  • Short, wide images are a great way to break up large bodies of text, without taking up the entire screen.
  • If you’re making a list, try and keep the size of the images consistent- it’s more pleasant to the eye
  • If you’re using gifs, make sure they’re relevant to the piece. Also try not to overload your post with gifs. We all love them, but especially on mobile, they can take a long time to load.
An example of highly irrelevant gif. Enjoy!
An example of highly irrelevant gif. Enjoy!
  • For trailer breakdowns, use highest resolution display and full screen before screenshotting
  • Generally check the quality of images. Try to search for larger (more hi-res) versions of an image when you upload them. Don’t worry about the size, we’ll try to compress and cut it to the appropriate size automatically.
  • When you pick an image from a source, give credit where credit is due. You can use the caption for that, or hyperlink their name. For example, this awesome fan art courtesy of Creator Darek Zabrocki:

Headings and Quotations

  • Don’t start your post with a heading- normal text is fine!

Headings should be used to begin a new point, not highlight something within a paragraph.

These block quotes are created by tapping the "Insert a Quote" button (the one that looks like a speech mark) twice. However, keep in mind big quotes don’t look great if there’s only a short paragraph separating the quote from an image or another heading. We've just about got away with it here, but more text would be better!

In the body of your post…

This owl totally gets me.
This owl totally gets me.
  • Make sure titles are italicized. For consistency we don’t add quotation marks around movie titles, even in the title or heading of your post. Quotation marks should be put around TV episode titles, e.g. ‘Mother’s Mercy’
  • Always remember to the movies and games mentioned in your post (the first time you mention the movie/ TV show/ game - once is also enough here). You can search for a tag in your post by entering a hashtag. If you want us to add a new tag, let us know at [email protected]
  • Make sure to keep the quotation marks on the right side of the commas and periods/full stops; for example, "This is totally ok." However, "this is not".
  • Some incredibly picky grammar points: it’s a.k.a., not AKA; i.e. and e.g., not i.e and e.g; it was the ‘90s, not the 90’s

At the end of your post…

  • The end of every post should either have a poll or an “Invite New Creators” box. They give your audience a very clear way to engage with your piece, and encourage others to join in the conversation!
  • If you're not familiar with the Invite New Creators box, there's a whole post about it here- enjoy!
  • You can use polls anywhere in your post, not just at the end (they’re good for asking questions to the readers throughout). Also polls can have an image, but they don’t need to have one. Especially if it’s a question with few answers, or you have several polls in your post, try to use landscape images or no images.


See, doesn't this very short poll look fine without an image?

  • If you do use a comments call-to-action, it’s fine to have it in the Heading format, but don’t italicize it
  • It’s also fine to include any links to your social media, but this should be in the form of an italicized paragraph, rather than a list. E.g. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with all of the latest news
  • This rule also applies to interviews- any links to the interviewee’s websites/social media at the end of the post should be in an italicized paragraph
  • If you discovered a story via another media outlet, make sure to credit them at the very end of a post and use their name/ site rather than ‘source’ with a hyperlink


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