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You wanna know what my least favorite moment in Bryan Singer's original X-men movie was? No, it's not the "toad struck by lightning" line. It's the point at which Wolverine starts complaining about their tight wrapped biker gear, at which point Cyclops responds "what would you prefer? Yellow Spandex?" Way to bite the hand that feeds X-Men Series. The line cements the film firmly in the time when super hero movies tried their best to divorce themselves from their goofy origins. Today, the opposite is true, with Marvel movies in particular doing their utmost to pay homage to their schlocky roots!

Now I don't think Bryan Singer is the type to sneer at the source material of his movies. One of the things I love about this series is just how joyous and expressive it is. With [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) being the latest in a long series that has spanned sixteen years, is it about time for these mutants to start shedding their serious skin they've built up over the years? Why not play to goofiest source of X-men greatness there is?

X-men Animated Series!

Man I love this theme tune. It's such an improvement over the first theme they ran before it that simply went "X-men! X-men!" over and over. It's frustrating how I can't seem to find it anywhere each time I try! This early 90s show was full of those oddities I wish would appear in the movies. Jubilee thinking pink on yellow was a good look, the Blackbird moving ridiculously slowly, and Cyclops being introduced with comic sans for some cruel reason!

I truly believe that Bryan Singer has come far enough to start referencing this show visually, and that donning the yellow spandex may be beneficial in the long run. With X-men Apocalypse being set in the 80s, and roughly paralleling the timeline of the show, fans hoping for a wacky colorful X-men may now be in for a treat!

Jean Grey

Is this the right look?
Is this the right look?

It must be nice being a prominent red-headed actress, for when roles make themselves available, yours is always one of the first names people come to, and you've basically got it in the bag! This is why we can expect to see Sophie Turner and Karen Gillan embodying most fictional red-heads in the coming years. It was the casting of Sophie Turner as Jean Grey that made me realize X-men Apocalypse really would have the high-school vibe some fans were hoping for. This is a good sign, for Bryan Singer making teens a focus in his movie likely isn't an effort to pander to young audiences, but is an attempt at an intentionally frivolous tone. Them teens are funny. What can I say?


Lana Condor fits the bill!
Lana Condor fits the bill!

And here's the character design that really makes me think we could be seeing a direct adaptation of the animated series. Lana Condor as Jubilee appears a stark reflection of her cartoon equivalent, and I think we could be finally seeing Bryan Singer shed his determination to reshape X-men by his own ideals. Could this incarnation of Jubilee mean we're set to see a green and yellow Jean Grey, Cyclops in blue and yellow, or even Wolverine in his yellow get up? Basically, lot's of yellow!

This is back in style!

And so we come full circle, back to Cyclops' dismissal of the yellow spandex in the first movie. Sure this attitude appeared all very cool and grown up back in 2000, but that era was so leather-clad in an effort to play up to the Matrix that it now looks straight-up archaic. X-men Apocalypse is taking place in a post hipster world where making call backs to ridiculous 80s garb is actually pretty in. What better way for Bryan Singer to play to this new refined attitude than to style X-men Apocalypse upon the original animated series? Would you like to see X-men take this turn? Let us know in a post here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or leave a comment below!


Should X-men Apocalypse base itself on the animated series?


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