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Superheroes have been the fascination of many people over the years. They have spawned many movies and TV shows. There are many heroes with many powers. Some can fly, some have super strength, and some have x-ray vision. But some heroes have super-intelligence. So I have assembled the ten smartest heroes, where super-smarts isn't there power.

10) Spiderman- Peter Parker

This joke slinging teenager is smarter that his jokes would tell you. He is known for being an expert at science, such as chemistry and physics. He also designed his own web-shooters.

9) Batgirl/Oracle- Barbara Gordon

Before Barbara was shot in the spine and paralyzed, she was Batgirl. But after the incident she was left to a wheel chair and couldn't put her fighting skills to use. So she became the Oracle, a go-to person for any superhero and law-enforcement. She is an excellent investigator and is an expert at technology.

8) Red Tornado/ Vision

Okay, so they aren't technically human. But they have access to pretty much endless intelligence. And the reason I put them together is because they are pretty much the same, just different universes.

7) Beast- Hank McCoy

Pretty much thought of as the smartest member of the X-Men, Hank McCoy is incredibly smart. He even designed there signature plane.

6) Hulk- Bruce Banner

An expert in Gamma Ray technology, Banner has a lot of...hands on...experience (I'm Sorry) with Gamma Rays. Though the Hulk itself isn't really that intelligent, his alter-ego is up there with the greats.

5) Black Panther- T'Challa

Black Panther is one of the most underrated (intelligence wise) characters on this list. But he is very intelligent, he gained his intelligence when he ate a Wakandan heart shaped herb.

4) Ant-Man- Hank Pym

With the upcoming release of the movie Ant Man, people are sort of in this Ant-Man frenzy. And he is slowly becoming more popular and popular. He was one of the three people to build the portal that sent Galactus to a different universe. And even built Ultron (which I think he would probably not want on this list).

3) Mr. Fantastic- Reed Richards

Reed Richards isn't just the big brains of the Fantastic Four, he is incredibly smart, and even one of the three people that built the portal that sent Galactus to a different universe.

2) Iron Man- Tony Stark

You guys probably wanted him to be first, and he kind of deserves it. He is incredibly smart. He can think on the fly, and he built the Iron Man armors. You can't get much better than that. Ow can.

1) Batman- Bruce Wayne

When you think of incredibly smart superheroes, you probably don't think of Batman. Sure, Iron Man has more knowledge in Science and Technology, but Batman is good at EVERYTHING! He's clever, he's a good detective, and has a good amount of scientific knowledge. All of those reasons make Bruce Wayne the top of the game (sorry about that).


What superhero do you think is the smartest?


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