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Baldwin Collins

Theres such an irony in Briton's most celebrated veteran actor's who both passed away this june month, 2015. the late sir christopher lee and the late sir Patrick Macnee both became international iconic film/tv stars, They're career's probably started About the same time, However its been said he wanted to be a comedian, But as most fans know it wasn't his True calling, his film credits are master piece's today. my favoutrite's are 'Dracula: prince of Darkness' (1966) 'The man with the Golden Gun' (1974) and countless of other films his made over the decades.

sir patrick macnee also appeared in a number of films before becoming internationally known as sauve secret agent john steed, later on in life macnee had appeared in many spy themed related t v shows and television movies, also appearing alongside veteran film/tv star sir roger moore in bond movie 'A view to A Kill' .

However Macnee and lee appeared together in this double d v d disc set as the two iconic Characters sherlock holmes & dr. Watson in this 1990s made for television movies. 'Sherlock holmes & the leading lady' and 'The incident at Victoria Fall's' the irony of the two stars is they appeared together in they're senior years, and Both passed away only by weeks. Sir christopher lee & Sir Patrick macnee the British film & television's most Distinguished actors R.I.P


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