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After the absolute tragedy of Jessica Lange backing out of involvement with American Horror Story Season 5, the fandom is in a state of stick or twist. Do we ride this awkward phase out, and see where this striving for progress takes us, or do we jump ship before our favorite show becomes something we wouldn't have recognized in the first place? The anthology format that American Horror Story sticks with always provides space for change and adaptation, but is the loss of Jessica Lange something even the addition of Lady Gaga can't patch up? Let's take a look at who's confirmed for Season 5, and see what chances of survival this gruesome show has!

Evan Peters

This guy is arguably the linchpin of American Horror Story itself. This isn't to say he always has to be a central role; occasionally he takes to the background, but an appearance by Evan Peters is almost a seal of quality that each Season of American Horror Story has to adhere to. Who could he play in American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel? Well, Evan Peters himself has expressed interest in playing a villain again. While his role of Tate in Season 1 was more of a quiet menace, it could be fun to see him really let loose and ham it up.

Evan Peters in Freak Show!
Evan Peters in Freak Show!

Sarah Paulson

Speaking of vital American Horror Story alumni, Sarah Paulson has also been confirmed as having involvement with Season 5. If we're talking about emotional cores to each season of this show, Sarah Paulson is an integral piece to the puzzle. She'll likely be some form of protagonist in Hotel, which is a slight shame, as it would be fun to see Sarah Paulson embody a role beyond sinister. She just has too much of an innocent and wholesome face to work a villainous role.

Paulson also had a relatively cute reaction to finding out that she would be costarring with our next candidate, Lady Gaga. A simple tweet from Gaga was enough to send her into fan girl mode, and it will be interesting to see if performing alongside one of her idols will influence her performance! Perhaps we could see an altogether different side of Paulson in American Horror Story Season 5!

Lady Gaga

So here's some stunt casting at its finest! The addition of Lady Gaga to American Horror Story: Hotel could be construed as a desperate attempt to keep the formula fresh, but I'd rather take a more optimistic view. Gaga's image is a morbid, campy and sometimes even aggressive one, and those are all perfectly apt descriptions of American Horror Story in general. I have some reservations over her having relatively little acting experience, at least outside of cameos, but if we're being honest, does that really matter with this show? You can check out more of my opinions on Gaga's role in the show here!

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts in Freak Show
Emma Roberts in Freak Show

I'm quite impressed with Emma Roberts sneaking into the must-cast list for American Horror Story Season 5. Considering she only joined in Coven, the mark she made must have been enough to redefine people's conception of the core actors involved, much in the same way Kathy Bates did. Doubts abounded with Emma Roberts' role in American Horror Story: Hotel, due to her dedication to Ryan Murphy's most recent venture, Scream Queens. She's clearly channelling the character of Maddison from Coven in that show, so I'd guess that American Horror Story Season 5 will see her in a slightly more innocent, sympathetic role.

American Horror Story is such an unpredictable beast, capable of taking narrative swerves that can surprise even the most jaded of viewers. What are you expecting with Season 5: Hotel? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, and we can get the fandom talking!


Who are you most excited to see in American Horror Story Season 5?


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