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Since The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader saw the light of day back in 2010 there was a lot of disappointment which led to speculation about the future of the Narnia franchise. Two years ago we heard word that a script was being worked on for The Silver Chair, but it seemed to fall off the radar. There is now word via NarniaWeb that after a year on the project, screenwriter David Magee has finished the first draft of The Silver Chair.

For those unfamiliar with The Silver Chair, it follows a wiser Prince Caspian as he enlists the assistance of Aslan to find the missing Prince Rilian. Rilian is Caspian's only son and direct heir to the throne. Along with Aslan, those along for the journey include Eustace Scrubb (formerly played by Will Poulter) and Jill Poole.

Back in 2011 when Walden Media was still attached to the Narnia franchise, there was a rumor that they were passing on The Silver Chair and were going to adapt The Magician's Nephew which would serve as a prequel to the events of The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe because it's the first book of the series. That would have been a good way to reboot the franchise seeing that all of the actors that played the Pevensie children are far too old at this point to return as well as Poulter who is now 22-years old, but Walden Media eventually released the rights to Narnia and the franchise is now in the hands of he C.S. Lewis Company and the Mark Gordon Company.

The Narnia franchise wasn't by any means bad or unsuccessful, it just was unfortunately created in the heightened popularity of Harry Potter and never quite reached the popularity that it could have. There were also a lot of people who shunned Narnia because the books had religious aspects and themes to them. I personally loved the Narnia movies and have always been a big fan of the books, so even if The Silver Chair serves somewhat as a soft reboot of the franchise I am all for it.


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