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Everything you need to know before watching Marvel's [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)!


Hulk goes rampage in LA, controlled by Wanda and Stark and Reed manages the issue by sending into deeper space.

Due to these occasional damages, the government starts discussing about registering superhumans, but the matter is still under the table. Tony, comes to know about the act, and starts to oppose the act by reasoning with the officials in Washington accompanied by his employee Peter Parker.

2. Stamford event

A young group of superehroes called The new warriors, while shooting a reality show or tv, tries to capture a group of villains by surprise . Things go out of hand as a supervillain named Nitro,who killed Captain Marvel, explode himself next to a school playground killing around 600 civilians,60 of them kids. The warriors also perished including Namor's cousin Namorita. Later it become clear that 'SpeedBall' Baldwin was the only survivor left behind.

3. The War begins:

Public gets widely aggitated after this issue, superheroes are now seen through different eyes. Human Torch Jhonny storm gets badly beaten up at a local pub.

Tony Stark understands the situation greater than anyone else and comes up with the decision that the heroes should register themselves before the government forces them to in order to avoid the sentinals bringing down heroes, as they did with the mutants. Along with Tony, Peter too supports the decision, and promises Tony that he will be with Iron man's side till the end.

Maria Hill, now the director of shield in absence of Nick Fury, Asks Captain America to bring down the heroes opposing the registration. Cap.disagrees with this proposal and goes AWOL, since he respect the secret identities of the heroes, and hides underground.

4.Choosing sides and a death.

For supporting the cause, Tony asks Peter to reveal his identity before the public.Due to the faith in him, Peter unmask himelf, following Tony in front of a mdia conference.

The hunt for unregistered heroes and villains begins meanwhile Reed and Tony develope a negative zone to keep the apprehended ones. The apprehended are given an option to join the Thunderbolts headed by Baron Helmut Zemo , hired by SHIELD, to work as cape killers or get nullified into the zone.

Many registers while those who values their secret identity joins forces with captain.Tony, Spidey and their team manages to lure out Captain and his forces into a trap where the foces collide for the first time.

The clone of Thor , created from the hair strand of actual Thor by Reed and Pym, blows a hole in the chest of Goliath, a former avenger, resuting in his immediate death.The rebel forces leaves the scene with aid of invisible woman.

5. Mistakes and redemption.

Speed ball by the time recovered gets mistreated in jail and gets shot by a dead child's father while moving him to court. After the death of Goliath, and his vist to the negative zone, Peter finds himself at the wrong side and decides to join the rebels. Eventhoug he scapes the grasp of Tony, he is hunted down by Jack o lantern and the Juster down a sewer. Punisher, who happens to pass by the place rescue Peter and takes him to Captain.

When Black panther visits US with his wife Storm, Stark makes a mistake trying to arrest storm resulting the Panther and his wife Joining the rebels.

Meanwhile the fantastic four is torn apart due to issue between Susan and Reed.

6. The end

Punisher finds away into the Baxter building finding weak spots of the containment unit. The rebels tries to break in, but are confronted by the task force.

The rebels seemd to be outnumbered but Hlkling, disguised as Hank Pym opens the zone and the apprehened ones joins the rebels.

Cloack teleports the war zone to open air where the rebels are joined by the army of Atlantians , angry over Norman Osborn shooting their dignitary in an event before.Thor clone is destroyed by Hercules.

When the rebels seems to smell victory, Captain america surrenders watching the distruction around and finds no point in this fight as civilians need registration. The war comes to an abrupt end.

Cap is arrested, but gets shot down by Crossbones at a later event, but it become clear that the killing shot was fired by Sharon, a shield agent ant Cap's interest, unforunately brainwashed by Hydra.

Tony gets promoted as the director of SHIELD and issues the fifty states Intiative, and the mighty avengers re- assemble as a team.


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