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The movie that instilled a fear of the ocean into an entire generation is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws than with a quick look back.

Of course, this is the Internet age, so most of us want all of our nostalgia perfectly packaged in under three minutes and thirty seconds. Luckily, Robert Jones over at Tastefully Offensive was more than happy to oblige. He compressed the entire story of Jaws into a palatable video for your viewing pleasure.

And, somehow, he managed to successfully capture that sense of dread from the horrifying original. Check out the video here!

Incredible, right?

Of course, I am a little upset that the video took out my favorite line, but never fear, I've included it below.

I feel like Jaws doesn't get enough credit for its little moments of humor like this, but I can't help but crack up every time I watch this part. I may be alone in that, but at least I got a good chortle out of the deal.

Are you commemorating the 40th anniversary of Jaws in any special way?


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