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Foxy Foxy is a fairly easy level, in fact the easiest Night 7 challenge. Here is how you beat it. (Mobile & PC)

PC: It is very simple, all you have to do is flash the hall once if Foxy is not in the hall, twice if he is. Make sure there is about a 1-second interval between the two flashes, due to fast power loss. Wind up box for a maximum of 4 seconds, then repeat the previous steps. For Mangle, just listen for the static sounds and put on the mask. That's it!

Mobile: For all of you mobile gamers out there, it will be harder for you than the PC gamers. (But still easy.) Flash the hall, then check the left vent. If Foxy is in the hall, flash again. If not, just leave the hall alone for now. If Mangle is in the vents, throw on the mask and wait for him to go away. Wind up box for 2-4 seconds, then repeat (hall, vent, hall if Foxy is there). That strategy should beat the night on your first try!

Quick note: if Mangle is in the vents and you put on the mask AFTER you flashed Foxy, make sure you flash again to ensure your safety. This is very critical.

If you have any other strategies, comments, or questions, just drop a comment in the box below. Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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