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If there's one thing I like more than a stoner flick, it's a stoner flick with some heavy hitting ACTION.

Cue American Ultra, coming to theaters in August with a monster cast and a raging case of the munchies.

We know, Jesse. We're starving too.
We know, Jesse. We're starving too.

Think Bourne Identity meets Pineapple Express; but with Twilight queen Kristen Stewart and Lex Luthor-to-be Jesse Eisenberg. Need I say any more?

This could be summer's most shameless good time. And if we weren't convinced already, our minds were officially blown when we laid eyes on these brand new character posters.

The stoner swiss army knife
The stoner swiss army knife

Who needs double-fisting when you can quadruple-fist?

KStew is a masterful multi-tasker
KStew is a masterful multi-tasker

I thought Kristen Stewart smoking a joint was the hottest thing imaginable, but I was wrong. Kristen Stewart smoking a joint...and a bong...and toting a gun actually takes the cake.

American Ultra hits theaters August 21st, so start prepping your paraphernalia. This gon' be good.


How good is American Ultra gonna be?


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