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A myth or a reality?

We all have heard stories about how mermaids from movies, books or local stories but have you ever wonder how real the stories could be. Many people argue mermaids aren't real but do we have any proofs really to say they aren't?

A legend about mermaid is that pirates used to spend so much time in the sea and away from women to the point where they started to have hallucinations about women who were half fish half human. The word started spreading around about beautiful women who lived in the ocean. Who were only spotted a few rare times by pirates. Some people believed it but some others didn't not only because the pirates were lonely in the sea most times but also because they drank big amounts of liquor. After the years they became "mythical creatures" to the world but the question remains unanswered. The ocean holds many secrets and there's still enough to explore out in the world. There are parts of the ocea that haven't been explore by man or technology yet. The question now is do you believe mermaids are real or are they just a myth?

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