ByChris Johnston, writer at
As news broke yesterday of Keon Hall being casted as the lead, Executive Producer Jan Lewis, took some time to speak with us and dish out some juicy details on the upcoming TV series Ramsey County. " I'm very excited to work with Keon. He brings excitement to the table and I really can't wait for people to see what he does with this character". When asked about the series, she was very secretive about what we can expect. " We have some exciting and very scary things planned. We will break the mold when it comes to TV horror, and we will push the limits as far as we can. Maybe even further. We were also able to speak with the leading man himself Keon Hall. He briefly opened up about his preparation for the role and what to expect from Jordan Lucas. " This character is very complex and very intimidating. Not in an imposing way. You just read the lines and say oh shit, this guy can lose it at any moment. There is a deeper story with him than what's revealed at first and I believe the audience will fall in love with not only the character, but the story. It's very tragic, intense and down right scary". When asked if he could give away any other tidbits Hall replied, " I've spoken with Jan, Mark and Graham. We've talked about some ideas and I've found myself saying, are we going to get in trouble for this? If so its all going to be worth it. " Ramsey County begins filming later this year. Hopefully we will get a glimpse before the year is over with. Fingers crossed!

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