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Does the date January 24, 2016 have any significance to you?

For all you X-Files lovers, the 6-episode mini-series on Fox will be premiering on that date, and I know a majority of people already have it circled in red pen on their calendars.

It's been a while since we've seen these faces on our screens. I am more than happy to hear that both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are returning to this short series.

Do you need something to satisfy your longing for even just a glimpse of what's to come? Don't fret, my friends. We've got your back, as well as some photos from behind-the-scenes, thanks to Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

1. Mulder and Scully at the Door

Just look at the intensity emitting from both Mulder and Scully's eyes. They seem like they're in the mode of getting to the bottom of a mystery.

1. Abducted Sveta

The character Sveta, played by actress Annet Mahrendu, claims to have been abducted by aliens more than just a handful of times.

1. Sveta's Tears

Sveta relives her horrifying experiences as she discusses her regular alien abductions.

1. A Script for the First Episode!

You can't get more official than a script! If only I could get my hands on it somehow...

1. Joel McHale, the Talk Show Host

I am a huge fans of Joel McHale. His character Tad O'Malley is conservative talk show host, asking for Scully and Mulder's help with some investigating some paranormal activity.

1. Sveta and Scully

Sveta chats intensely with Scully.

1. Chris Carter and the Production Team

Just look at that team work! Chris Carter, the director, looks like he knows exactly what he's doing.

Mulder may be incredibly immersed into the paranormal, while Scully tends to be a lot more realistic, but they completely balance each other out and play up each other's strengths.

We are more than excited for January to approach, and we will be on standby waiting for more exclusive stills, and perhaps if we are lucky, some video clips? That would be really awesome!



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