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Note: This article is for the newbies of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Don't hate ;)

Night 1 is very easy for those who know what to do, and if you are not one of those people, just follow this strategy.

Important: This strategy is for the mobile version, so it will work differently on the PC version.

Use headphones!!!

There are audio cues all throughout the game, and they are very important! If you do not wear headphones you will miss some some!

Sit and listen to the phone call. Do NOT use the flashlight.

Once the phone call is over, wind up the music box, found on Cam 11. Then stay on Cam 9 until one of the animatronics moves. Every 5-10 seconds, wind up the music box.

Make sure you always know where the three toy animatronics are.

These are the only active characters in this night. Therefore, they are the only ones you have to worry about.

Check the vents and the hallway and USE THE MASK WHEN NEEDED!

When Chica the chicken is in the hallway, do not worry. She will leave. If Bonnie the rabbit appears in the left vent that is visible from your office, just put on your mask until you hear him crawling back through the vents (banging noises). Same thing with Chica, except she appears in the right vent. Freddy the bear comes through the hallway and into your office. Once he comes into the hallway, start putting on your mask right after you get out of the cameras. If Freddy is not INSIDE your office, take the mask off. Check the vents and the hall. Then wind up the music box and repeat. If Freddy appears in your office, make sure you keep on the mask on until he is gone and the lights are back on.

Make sure you keep the music box wound up tight!

If you do not, an animatronic will come out of the box. It will run through the building and kill you, no matter what you do. If you hear the "Pop Goes The Weasel" song playing, the Puppet is coming for you!

Following this strategy, you should get through Night 1 very quickly.

Another note: Toy Foxy, or the Mangle, who can be found on Cam 12, is rarely active during this night. If for some reason he is in the hallway (on the ceiling) just flash the flashlight twice every 10-18 seconds. If he is in the left air vent, just put the mask on and wait for him to go away. He may not make vent sounds, however. He may make a clanging sound.
Toy Chica
Toy Freddy
Toy Bonnie
The Mangle

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