ByBrad Dee, writer at

As we know, Superman's identity has been revealed to the world. The world is out to get him because they are furious at all the damage that has been done due to him hiding his identity. The government wants him arrested. He has lost over half his powers and now doesn't even consider himself a "Superman" anymore. Plus, the one who exposed his identity to the world was none other then Lois Lane. In the other Superman comics, we have jumped to the future to see the consequences of her actions and how Superman can still protect the world when he is pretty much powerless. But now, we can learn what led to the truth coming out.

New writer Gene Luen Yang takes the helms of the book with artist John Romita Junior to take us on a journey that took place in the past(well, the past of the other Superman books anyway) and shows us why all the pieces happened. We know the outcome already, which does take away from a little of the story, but it's refreshing to see what led Lois to make that choice. This issue does give us a little mystery as we learn that somebody else has learned Clark's secret, and is sending him on a wild-goose chase to do some things to keep it safe. Now, it has potential but the reliance on Superman's new power to defeat a small-time enemy does not make much sense in my opinion. That power should be used only for extreme situations, not used for every small villain he confronts these days. The comic does have some exciting moments in it, and Romita again does some great art in most of the panels, but he still is inconsistant on others. But, all in all, this is a great opening chapter to the story that we know the outcome of already. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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