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In the early 21st century, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely gave us a new version of the X-men that changed the way we look at the mutants for years to come. He introduced us to new characters(some lasted for years and some fell into the abyss). He gave us new villains(Xorn for one) and storylines that would change the mutant comics forever. The introduction of Cassandra Nova and the destruction of Genosha were key for those books, and its impact is still seen in the books today. But, now we will see what would have happened in an alternate reality where Charles Xavier had to kill himself to defeat Nova. A reality where Magneto is now in charge of the X-men, and Cyclops and Emma are considered obsolete and powerless. A world where certain mutants are losing their powers slowly and the younger more cocky mutants are in charge of watching over everyone.This is the area and region of Battleworld where this occurs, and it's another great storyline that is filled inside the world of "Secret Wars".

E Is For Extinction is another one of the better Secret Wars tie-in books. It's faithful to it's source material without being slavishly devoted to it and the influence of the overarching event is present without being stifling. The true powerhouse of this comic is the art by Ramon Villalobos who is able to display how Quitely was able to draw these characters, but does it more as a tribute then a clone of it. The art is what made those comics years ago, and the art is what seperates this story from other Secret Wars tie-ins. Plus, this comic has a number of different storylines running through just the first issue, and we are amazed that they can successfully do this without taking away from other stories. The addition of all the characters from that era is present plus characters from the newer books also. This is the X-men book that we deserve. Plus, a cliffhanger is present that will determine the future of these mutants in this storyline. This is a series that may take you by surprise, so pick it up if you can. I give this first chapter a 8 out of 10.


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