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The last days,My network was kind of a bitch,so I decided to open the Tv for while.I was aware that cartoons have changed over the years,but I was surprised when I saw that the old cartoons are lost forever.

I'm writing this post ,not necessarily because I am revolted,but to remind everyone that we grew,and formed our personalities,with the help of Buttercup's metal and realistic personality,with the help of Dexter's love for science,and with Johnny's (from Ed,Edd n Eddy) faith in fictional things.We've learned what love,faith,power,intelligence and even silly,is.

Now,let's travel trough the awesome world of our childhood,noting some of the best cartoons.

1. Powerpuff Girls:

Who doesn't remember this awesome trio?
Who doesn't remember this awesome trio?

For real though,what could be better than one lame,but cute blonde girl,our devilish brunette(the one who is always mad,but realistic) and a freak control,fabulous red haired?(AND THEY HAVE FREAKING SUPERPOWERS)


I miss it so much:(
I miss it so much:(

COME ON!An intelligent boy,actually ,excuse me,a brilliant boy,who has a secret laboratory,an annoying sister,and another brilliant rival,who has an annoying victory laugh.

3.Ozzy and Drix:

I don't remember much,but i loved it!
I don't remember much,but i loved it!

I think it was about a teenager or something,and something was happening inside his body,I SERIOUSLY DON'T REMEMBER,but I want this cartoon back.All I remember is that one of the characters was a pill,like.. what the hell?.(This is so awesome,that it's intriguing me)

3.Ed,Edd and Eddy:

Another trio,composed by a silly,troublemaker boy,another one,that is clever and mature,and a third one that has a poignant materialistic,immature side.

4.Foster house of imaginary friends:

Although I've never had an imaginary friend,this cartoon made me love so much the weird stuff,and people.Like,seriously,everyone seemed so friendly,and the action,the characters,a lot of characters.REMEMBER REBEL GRANDMA?OH DO YOU?BECAUSE I DO.

5.Courage the cowardly dog:

This cartoon had such a strong message regarding heroes.We have to face the fact that Courage,even though he was a coward,he was always the one who saved the day.Even now I remember the creepy villains that were in this cartoon.All my nightmares were with Dr.Zalost,or Freaky Fred.

6.Kids next door:

Oh my!This cartoon was the main part of my childhood.I remember that me,my sister,my cousin,and a few friends made a lame club"KND".Even though I was very unimportant,because I was little,it was the best part of my life.

Now tell me guys,aren't you a little sad that your kids will grow,without watching these cartoons?


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