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Many super hero films have been doubted and mocked in the past to include both of the Batman and Superman franchises. There were a lot of people wondering why they would re-boot Batman when Christopher Nolan did after how disappointed people were from the shift of Tim Burton's portrayal of the Dark Knight to Joel Schumacher's version seen in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

I touch on how I feel about watering down character concepts for children in another article I just wrote. Batman was always a PG-13 movie franchise; but, it suffered the same fate as many Rated R classics that had their sequels downgraded to PG-13.

In order to make comic book characters more marketable to children, it takes away from the quality of the vision of the original creators. If I was Bob Kane and Batman was my creation, I would have heavily cried upon seeing that done. Fighting crime is no picnic. Dealing with some of the most vicious villains in existence should come with sequences of extreme violence. Part of watching a movie is having the sense of experience like you are there seeing it for yourself.

I am sick watching a bunch of crap movies because terrible parents do not know how to teach their children right from wrong. As a simple man who did not get much help from my Mom, my Dad was able to achieve teaching me right from wrong. I am not going to go into how sheltering your children too much will make them too weak to handle reality when they become an adult, in this article.

With that said, this movie does show a great deal of promise. I just hope the new wave of movie releases coming soon does not cater to those who have no appreciation for what a good movie is. I am not looking for another stupid toy commercial.

There has been much discussion around Ben Affleck playing Batman. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dark Knight Trilogy and would have loved to see Christian Bale return. I do however, see potential in Ben having looked back at his career.

Affleck has acknowledged that he did hit a point in his career where it almost ended, around the time of Daredevil and Gigli. I know a couple of people claim to who have met Ben in real life and I am told like many actors, he is stuck up. He did after all, try to cover up the fact he had slave-owning ancestors.

Nonetheless, he has made a tremendous come back in his career. I feel Argo is a huge part of that success. He is not the most humble man in the world; however, he can admit a few of his faults. I think he could be one of the better portrayals of the Dark Knight.

As far as Superman goes, Henry Cavill is the Superman that all Superman fans have grown up waiting for. Man of Steel perfectly rebooted the concept. Superman Returns put a horrible taste in most fan's mouths.

There are some amazing conflicts, issues and dialogue between Batman and Superman in comics and cartoons. They have the same kind of relationship almost shared between Captain America and Iron Man. They are two natural born leaders and they both like to do what they do their own way. To capture the essence of how each of them feels the other should be following them, will be make this film a timeless classic. Should this movie be done right, it will be one of the best superhero flicks to ever grace the big screen.


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