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GIRL POWER! Marvel's Female Avengers, the A-Force, are coming this fall in a new series! Plus, there is someone new on the team, and she's pretty amazing!

Marvel's A-Force #1 is coming our way this fall! Off the heels of the successful Secret Wars series, A-Force is a female Avengers of sorts, and is made of Marvel's most lethal ladies! She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, Nico Minoru, Medusa, and newcomer Singularity will team up to battle a super villain like they have never met before. The girl-powered series will be penned by G. WILLOW WILSON with art by JORGE MOLINA.

Wondering who Singularity is? The newbie to the Marvel Universe made her first appearance this summer in Marvel's Secret Wars! Following the events of Secret Wars, Singularity will find herself in the Marvel Universe to unite the A-Force to defeat the ominous villain that threatens the very fabric of reality! A-Force series editor Daniel Ketchum describes:

"At the conclusion of SECRET WARS, Singularity will arrive in the new Marvel Universe. And when she discovers that its fate is hanging in the balance, she will summon A-Force to her side to battle a threat the likes of which they’ve never seen."

Though, Marvel's new super-heroine, Singularity, may not be a "heroin" at all! She is presented as a being not defined by gender, crashing down to earth like a meteorite, and simply chooses to present herself as female. Singularity is described as having a whole universe inside her, being able to travel between worlds and dimensions. She, unlike any other, has access to ALL of the Marvel Universe.

Her entire existence is so unlike that of ours that she really has to learn about what we think of as being an individual and having an identity from the ground up, with no point of access except those she meets

I can't wait to get my hands on A-Force #1, and if these keep doing as well as they are? I think a film could DEFINITELY be put on the table for Marvel Studios! Especially since they are already in pre-production with A-Force member Captain Marvel's solo film due out in 2018!


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