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Blockbusters are the only movies we're going to see because they profit.

In the past couple years, we've seen big, action packed hollywood blockbusters fill the box office and audiences love them; however, this is causing us to loose the originality in movies. We've seen seven Fast and Furious movies, way too many Marvel movies, and four Transformers movies. All of these movies are fun, out-of-this-world adventures that lack one thing: a good story. Some of these films attempt to carry on a good story, but their main goal is to show as many explosions as possible.

Just some of the 208 explosions in "Transformers"
Just some of the 208 explosions in "Transformers"

It appears to studios that the more explosions and epic fight scenes = more money. This season's biggest movie, Jurassic World, is no exception. There were plenty of badass fight scenes and explosions in the movie that holds the record to the most money made opening weekend.

In case you didn't know, Jurassic World is a sequel to the beloved Spielberg movie: Jurassic Park. Unlike today's hit movies, Jurassic Park (the 18th highest grossing film) actually had a good story that pushed the audiences' emotions. Nostalgic fans, such as myself, were looking for a movie that we be just as good as the original. And the Jurassic Park fans hated it! But why?

Character Development is KEY!

Jurassic World could've had a really good story, and attempted to have one, but they failed with developing their characters. Jurassic World had about 10 main characters (13 if you count the dinosaurs). That means that each character would only have 12.4 minutes of time if it was only them on screen. That is no where near enough time for character development.

It makes sense why they need a lot of main characters: they need to hit reach each demographic. The only demographic they didn't hit was the elderly, but that's not a big demographic. The got the kids, teens, young adults, parent-aged adults, and animals in their demographics which explains why it got record box-office attendance during its opening weekend.

The studios need to make money to keep making movies and it appears that we are stuck in a loop of big profit means big (and expensive) movie. Studios are more interested in profits then 100% pleasing their audience.

Explosions = Money and "Jurassic World" knows that.
Explosions = Money and "Jurassic World" knows that.

However, Jurassic World did seem to get positive reviews by both critics and audience members so its more nitpicking on the (important) details and wanting the perfect movie.

But the only way to make Jurassic World better is by adding Dr. Ian Malcolm on the cast!

"Dr. Ian Malcolm World" anybody?
"Dr. Ian Malcolm World" anybody?

Let's hope Dr. Ian Maclom will be in Jurassic World 2!


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