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Well it happened, the weekend came back. I wasn’t sure we’d see it again. It’s been a long week….

We don’t judge here at Metagravy, if you chose to spend the weekend in bed binge watching movies/TV or if you choose to spend the day outdoors, we don’t care; we want our fans to be happy. So if you are in bed by choice or sadly maybe you’re laid up due to illness or an injury, let us help guide you toward some movies and TV shows that might entertain you.


Bob’s Burgers (Netflix seasons 1-4 season 5 on Hulu)

Black Books (Hulu Plus & Youtube)


Rectify (Sundance Network, Seasons 1-2 Netflix)

Queer as Folk (Netflix seasons 1-5)


Quantum Leap (Netflix season 1-5)

A note:

For some reason they’ve decided to omit some episodes. So far I only know about the pilot and series finale not being included.

Supernatural (Netflix seasons 1-9)


The Big Lebowski (Nextflix)

Maybe you just need a good laugh:

This is Spinal Tap(Netflix)

Maybe you just need a cry:

Bridegroom (Netflix)

Bonus if you’re up for a French Silent film made way back in 1902. it's only 15 minutes.

A Trip To The Moon (Netflix and Youtube)


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