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I would associate Lady Gaga's fashion with the word "shocking." From her foot-tall platform shoes to her meat outfit, Gaga isn't one to shy away from strange and unique outfits.

The latest, on the other hand, is a lot more raunchy. And warning: it might ruin your childhood view of Snow White. Though I have to admit, my eyebrows raised the first time I ever really thought about that girl living with seven men in a single house when I became an adult...

A couple of things. First off, I am not sure if Snow White is enjoying this or not. If she is, I'm always cool with consent on both sides. Secondly, Gaga's shirt is cut out in very interesting spots, specifically around the nipples. There is nothing wrong with nipples, but then why even wear a shirt? Thirdly, a cartoon orgy is something I never thought I'd see on a shirt.

And those stilts she calls shoes look so scary! But just look at her smiling with ease while she casually walks out toward the paparazzi. I'm half-nervous for her, and half-impressed.

Just a week prior, Gaga wore high-waisted shorts and a lace bra while leaving The Rainbow Room in New York. Girl even had a bit of underboob poking out.

If anyone could pull off this look in public, it would be Gaga. Except her blonde wig might need a little bit of brushing, but that's something that could be fixed instantly.

I always knew Disney was a little dirty, but this is definitely taking it to another level. While part of me is chuckling on the inside, as I have had this thought about Miss Innocent Snow White myself, the child inside is shocked and freaking out just a little bit.

[Source: Mirror]


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