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I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t super excited when I heard about Supergirl being turned into a series. The only Supergirl I was familiar with was the Supergirl from the deliciously bad 1984 movie and the overly sexualized cartoon creations some people are obsessed with drawing.

So when it was announced a while back that they had found a new Supergirl, I paid no attention to all the hype that surrounded it. I actually thought the poster looked cheesy and I told myself “That’s going to flop”. Cut to a month ago while shopping for a Birthday present with my niece and nephew. We’re in the gender chosen toy aisle (boy) where there is nothing but rows and rows of action figures, cars, Ninja Turtles and legos. My seven year old niece asks if she can go look at a puzzle that caught her eye, I agree and send her on her way. As we walk I’m asking my nephew what he thinks his friend would like. He pauses and looks at the MARVEL aisle and points to a very big collection of everyone from the new Age of Ultron movie. He’s beside himself, and screams “this, this Hayden wants this!” After looking at the price I decide No, Hayden doesn’t want this but let him continue looking at it.

My niece comes back and she too, thinks the collection of The Avengers is awesome she’s smiling from ear to ear looking over all them and telling me who's her favorite and why. Then she stops turns the box over and looks around at the other toys on the shelf. “Where’s Black Widow?” She asks, I tell her I don’t know. “She’s an Avenger she should be in the collection” She angrily say’s back to me. So she starts looking for her. She looks down every aisle and we find nothing. During the ride to the Birthday party all she can talk about is Black Widow and her lack of toys. Girls are superheroes too she tells me.

DC comics
DC comics

While at the party I look up Black Widow action figures on my p hone. Turns out they do have them, but she is separate. She’s not included in the super cool box set, like she’s not an Avenger. What are the sacred she's going to bleed all over the boys? Why the heck is she not included?!

Before you jump down my throat and feel the urge to call me a Feminazi, calm down! Yes, I am a feminist, but before that I'm an Aunt to a little girl who is a little bit Barbie’s and a little bit of monster trucks. She’s fits no mold, she loves pink and playing dress up, but also loves to kick butt in Karate and watch action films and play with action figures. I want her to know that she is equal to her brother. That girls ARE superheroes and that Black Widow is just as important as Iron Man. She’s actually better than Iron Man because she relies on her own physical strength. Let’s see Tony Stark fight without the suit, yeah he’d be dead.

So, now I’m happy that there is a new female superhero. I’m happy that I got to see a little bit more about her today in this leaked trailer. I can’t wait to sit down and watch with my niece and to watch her get excited about Supergirl. My hope is to see a lot of Supergirls walking around this Halloween.


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