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Jeffery "Chamba" Cruz is an artist that I follow on deviant art and his comic book career. He mostly does work for Udon, so he does a whole bunch of Capcom character, but he does do a crap ton of fan art. One of the Comics he is working on right now is Randomveus. It is about a gang of three individuals that works for a shipping company in the world of Randomvues. Anything and everything happens in this world and the whole book is a piece of art! So much color!

Many people recognize Chamba as the king of Deviant art,. This could be the colors he brings to his works or just the fluid fun art style he uses. Any way you look at it, Chamba knows what he is doing, and he is amazing at it.

Below is a super brief look at other works he has done.


Check out his other awesome stuff at his deviantart page!


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