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As Ant-man is set to release next month, I looked to see what sets him apart from the rest of Marvel’s cinematic heroes. Honestly, I had no idea who Ant-man was! However, after doing a bit of research, I now have 3 reasons why I want to see the film.

1. To start, Ant-man’s story line is unique and different from the other Marvel super heroes ( more specifically, the Avengers). In Marvel’s Avengers, we’re shown the flaws of each hero, from Iron-man’s narcissism to the Black Widow’s haunting past. As an ex-con and a thief, Scott Lang (Ant-man) is flawed as well. However, the fact that Scott Lang is just an average and ordinary individual is what sets him apart. People will relate to Ant-man because he doesn’t have god-like powers or super intelligence. Even in the trailer there is a scene where he learns how to punch! As a thief without any particular power, who takes on responsibility and redeems himself by becoming Ant-Man, Scott Lang will certainly win over many fans. In addition, Director Payton Scott has said that the “thematic arc is a sort of passing of the torch”. We know that Hank Pym is the original incarnation of Ant-man and he serves as Scott’s mentor in the film. Hank helps transform Scott and we’ll be exposed to the personal growth of a Marvel/Avengers superhero in way that we haven’t seen before.

2. Did you know Ant-man has little daugther? She's adorable, just look at the picture below! I think Scott Lang’s relationship with his daughter, Cassandra, will be the key aspect of the film. In addition, director Payton Reed confirmed with an interview with Screenrant saying, “There’s also a real personal dynamic to the movie, too. In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that’s part of the movie.” I don’t know how big Cassie’s role will be but the film will show a parent and child relationship that we haven’t seen in the previous Marvel films. I expect Ant-man to be much more personal because we’ll be able to see multiple sides of Scott Lang. The intimacy of the film will definitely set this one apart from the rest.

Scott and Cassie Lang
Scott and Cassie Lang

3. Lastly, Ant-man will be one of the funniest Marvel Superhero yet. With actor Paul Rudd taking on the role of Ant-man, I assume this film will be hilarious! Marvel has gone for the comedic approach in several of their recent films, most evidently in Guardians of the Galaxy. Comedy works well because it allows the superheroes to be more relatable and dynamic. We like our super heroes to have personalities. In addition, Director Payton Reed has said that Ant-man will have “the structure of a heist movie!” I expect there to be a build-up in the film, a consistent pace that will keep us on our toes. Laughs and suspense, who doesn’t want that?

Let me know what think about the upcoming Ant-man!

- Daniel

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