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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Come lets be serious here, we all love Batman I mean come on he's freaking Batman! Also as much as we love Batman we still can't forget his Marvel counterpart, Moon Knight. I love Moon Knight, he is the Batman of Marvel and if Batman can get a ton of movies from the Adam West starring Batman to the latest Batfleck in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Now lets talk about Moon Knight and why deserves his own movie and why Jake Gyllenhaal is the man to portray him.

About Moon Knight

As you know Moon Knight or his alter ego, Marc Spector is all a mercenary, a U.S Marine and a heavywight boxer. Who went on a trip to Egypt while working for an African mercenary Raoul Bushman, Spector and his crew stumbles upon an archaeological dig that led them to an abandoned temple where they discovered ancient artifacts including a statue of the Egyptian Moon God the Khonshu. Bushman then betrays them and kills Dr Alraune (a man in Spector's team) Spector them challenges Bushman to hand-to-hand combat. After being terribly defeated, Spector was left to die in the freezing temperature of the dessert night. Egyptians came and took Spector back to the temple, after Spector's heart stopped, the Khonshu came to him offering Spector a second chance at life if he becomes the god's avatar on Earth. Spector then awakens and rejoins the land of the living, then taking a silver cape that was covering the statue of Khonshu and wraps himself in it. He finds Bushman, confronts him and beats him. He then returns to America along with Dr Alraune's daughter Marlene and his best friend Frenchie, also bringing along the statue Khonshu. He decides to become a crimefighter and creates a cloaked costume using the silver cape he got from the statue of Khonshu and taking the name Moon Knight, because why not? He was resurrected by the Moon God and Khonshu wants him as his avatar or agent on Earth, so why not become a Moon Knight.

After returning to the United States, Spector uses and invests the money that he made on his days as a mercenary and develops a small fortune. To distance himself from his past life as a mercenary he creates the identity of billionaire entrepreneur named Steven Grant, he uses this identity only to purchase a spacious estate and to remain in contact with the street and criminal element in the city he creates the identity of taxicab driver Jake Lockley, and as Lockley, he has acquired civilian allies such as Bertrand Crawley and Gena Landers and her sons.

Why does he need his own movie?

Short answer, he's Marvel's Batman. Except unlike Batman, Moon Knight is more brutal,violent,stealthy and dangerous and a few other reasons as well.

He's a member of The Avengers

Yep that's right, Moon Knight stayed in The Avengers for a while before leaving and destroying his membership card and cutting his Avengers ties. Moon Knight joined The Avengers in The Silver Avenger/Fist of Khonshu storyline, where Hawkeye and the West Coast Avengers were trapped in ancient Egypt, Hawkeye a pact with Khonshu and then Khonshu immediately contacted Spector and sent him in time to save Hawkeye and the West Coast Avengers. As a thank you (or so) The Avengers excepted Moon Knight to join them, Moon Knight eventually became the 24th Avenger in the team. Though it was later revealed that Khonshu was possessing Marc and he was the one who wanted to join The Avengers, after Hellstorm convinced Khonshu to leave Marc's body, and then forcing Marc to break up with Tigra and also abandoning his mystical weapons.

There was a Moon Knight easter egg in Captain America The Winter Soldier

I'm sure some of you spotted (or heard) the Dr Strange and Moon Knight easter egg in Captain America The Winter Soldier, one of agent Sitwell's conacts (or something like that) mentioned the name of Stephen Strange AKA Dr Strange and a man in Cairo, Egypt. Now who else would that "Man in Cairo, Egypt" be? Other than Marc Spector himself? I mean sure multiple names can be mentioned but be more specific, a "MAN" surely meaning an adult man, a superhero course they wouldn't put that easter egg there if it wasn't a superhero and of course "Cairo, Egypt" home of many Egyptians who worship the Moon God, Khonshu. Now all three these "clues" would only lead to one guess, that guess? Marc Spector. This would clearly prove that Marc Spector and his crew including Dr Alraune,Marlene Alraune and Frenchie are/have already made the discovery of the temple that would soon be the temple where Marc Spector gets bought back from the dead.

An origin story might very well be on the way

As I said before the easter egg in CATWS (Captain America The Winter Soldier) proves how at that time, at the day S.H.I.E.L.D fell Marc Spector is already in Cairo, Egypt. So this pretty much proves that we may have a small chance of seeing an origin story, since it the movie was due last year, but that doesn't we'll not be seeing a flashback of some sort right? A flashback to one year ago, when Marc Spector became Moon Knight or maybe a story, like if it opens up seeing Marc sacrificing himself, and telling the story on how it came to it.

If Batman gets his own movie, why can't Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is one of Marvel's MVP (Most Valuable Player) he is the Batman of Marvel and one of the toughest guys in the Marvel Universe. If Christopher Nolan can make 3 Batman movies starring Christian Bale, I don't see why Marvel can't find a director or (a) director who wants to direct it. But for me? If I were to find a director to direct Moon Knight, I would probably choose The Russo Brothers (Joe and Anthony) or Edgar Wright or Jon Favreau or Joss Whedon. Either these 5 directors, why? Well The Russo Bros made a fantastic job with The WInter Soldier, Edgar Wright's version of Ant-Man sounded amazing, Joss Whedon directs The Avengers' movies, Jon Favreau did great with Iron Man. But lets be honest here, the only director I think is cut out for this, would have to be Zack Snyder. He made an amazing job with Watchmen, all that blood and violence.

So why should Jake Gyllenhaal be Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight?

Like Moon Knight, a few reasons is given. Short answer, he's got the looks, the build, the weight, the skills and the style for it. He's young, a great actor, he has been nominated a lot for best supporting role,best cast,best male lead, actor of the year and so much more, thanks to films, Donnie Darko,October Sky, Nightcrawler, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and especially Brokeback Mountain.

He's acted alongside most actors who are already in the MCU and knows them too!

Jake Gyllenhaal has acted with most actors and actresses who are currently and was in the MCU. Not only the MCU but also Fox's MCU, Sony and the DCCU. Gyllenhaal has acted alongside...

Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs

Gyllenhaal acted in Love and Other Drugs, a story about a young playboy who sleeps with girls until the one girl that rejects becomes his one true love, who is Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises.

Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard in Prisoners

Jake Gyllenhaal is little bit shorter
Jake Gyllenhaal is little bit shorter

Jackman and Gyllenhaal starred in a movie titled Prisoners, directed by Denis Villeneuve. A story about a husband/father Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and his friend Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard) who lost their daughters and the only lead they have was and RV parked in the area of their house. That's when Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) who never misses a case (as in always solve every case he gets) comes in to lend a hand, after so long of waiting, Keller Dover decides to take matters into his own hands. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine in Fox's MCU and Terrence Howard played Colonel James Rhodes in Iron Man.

Jamie Foxx in Jarhead

Jake Gyllenhaal acted with Jamie Foxx in movie Jarhead, directed by Sam Mendes. About man a named Anthony Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) enlists as a Marine, training in boot camp under a sadistic drill instructor. Swofford undertakes a sniper course headed by Staff Sgt. Sykes (Jamie Foxx) during this time, which is shortly before the advent of the Gulf War. When the United States becomes involved, Swofford is shipped out, along with his spotter, Alan Troy (Peter Sarsgaard). Facing uncertainty each day -- about the war and home -- the soldiers try to maintain composure. Jamie Foxx acted as Max Dillon AKA Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman in Brothers

Of course when I say Spider-Man our minds go to Andrew Garfield or the latest, Tom Holland, well no. It's actually Tobey Maguire. Brothers focuses on these two siblings Sam (Tobey Maguire) and Tommy Cahill (Jake Gyllenhaal) are as far apart as brothers can be; while Sam serves his country as a Marine, Tommy is a drifter who just got out of prison. When Sam is shot down and presumed dead in Afghanistan, Tommy vows to take care of Sam's wife, Grace (Natalie Portman), and his children. Tommy and Grace become close, and when Sam unexpectedly returns home, the consequences of their actions threaten the foundation of the entire family. Maguire used to play Spider-Man and Natalie Portman is still reprising her role as Jane Foster in Thor and possibly Thor: Ragnarok.

Micheal Pena in End of Watch

Micheal Pena is the newest addition in the MCU, he plays Luis who is Scott Lang's (Paul Rudd) best friend in Ant-Man, the final film of Marvel's phase 2. End of Watch is a movie about two cops who are best friends and are one the best dynamic duo cops at the station, until they were sent to a dangerous neighborhood full of killers and their job isn't easy this time.

Toby Kebbell and Ben Kingsley in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

In the holy city of Alamut resides the Sands of Time, which gives mortals the power to turn back time. After leading an attack on the city, Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal), the adopted son of Persia's king, acquires a dagger that gives the one who holds it access to the Sands. Dastan goes on the run with an Alamut princess named Tamina (Gemma Arterton) after being accused of killing his father. The pair must protect the ancient treasure from dark forces and unmask the king's assassin. In this movie Jake Gyllenhaal plays the Prince of Persia himself, Dastan, Ben Kingsley plays Nizam and Toby Kebbell plays Garsiv. Ben Kingsley played Trevor Slattery AKA The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and Toby Kebbell is set for Victor Domachev AKA Dr Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

James Marsden in Accidental Love

Accidental Love, a story focusing on a waitress, a cop and a politician. A clueless politician falls in love with a waitress whose erratic behavior is caused by a nail stuck in her head though at the same time she in love with a cop. James Marsden plays Scott Summers in the X-Men movies.

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo in Zodiac

Of course I saved the best for last, Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo worked with Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac. Zodiac is about a serial killer who sends letters in shapes of zodiac and historical signs. Detective Dave Toschi (Mark Ruffalo) spends a lot of time trying to find out who the Zodiac is, while reporters Paul Avery and Robert Graysmith (Robert Downey Jr and Jake Gyllenhaal) keeps receiving mails from the Zodiac and struggles together to crack the code. While Robert Graysmith gets anonymous calls in his home. Of course everyone knows, RDJ plays Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner AKA Hulk.

He's proven that he can handle multiple personalities and identities

As you know Marc Spector has multiple identities, Steven Grant,Jake Lockley and Marc Spector. One average person, a billionaire and a cab driver. Jake Gyllenhaal has proven he can handle more than one identity, one is in the picture above as you see, it is a scene from Enemy, a movie where Jake Gyllenhaal plays two look-alike people, an actor and a history teacher. One is a nice guy the other one is a complete douche. But not only in Enemy did he prove he can handle more than one identity, but also Source Code.

In Cource Code, Gyllenhaal plays a dead soldier whose brain survived, his brain and other body parts were put into a machine where they will be able to talk to him and hear him. In Source Code he is put into a body of a teacher named Sean Fentress, source code is not time travel, you're just put in a virtual world in a man's body. Though you can live a virtual world. But this isn't much of a multiple personality thing, it's more of a body swapping thing.

He'd make a good boxer

Since Marc Spector is a mercenary, cab driver, boxer and billionaire,I figured because Jake Gyllenhaal's latest movie had debuted yesterday, and since he's playing a boxer who was anger issues, he can make a perfect boxer version of Marc Spector, perhaps in a flashback or something. Which leads me to my next reason...

He's got the build for it

He's not too "scrawny" for the role and not too buff either, I mean we don't want a big bad Marc Spector (like literally big) do we? Even if we do WANT a big bad Marc Spector but do we NEED a big bad Marc Spector? No of course not. Jake has got the looks the body,the weight and the build for it. Since worked his ass up to get into that shape, it's like watching Christian Bale going super skinny in that weird movie, CHRISTIAN BALE! Our Batman! Becoming a super skinny and/or scrawny guy whom I can't remember.

Prince of Persia proves how much he can handle himself in a tough Egyptian situtation

(No photo here so...) As you know Marc Spector takes a trip to Egypt and returns as an entirely different person, well Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time proves he can handle the heat (even if they film in Egypt) and it proves he can handle himself in an unshaven situation.


Do you think Moon Knight needs his own movie and Jake Gyllenhaal should star in it?


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