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In light of the recent exciting news that America now supports gay marriage, a list has been formulated to briefly discuss the best gay movies to date. I'm sure movie lovers are dying to watch certain movies in order to celebrate this historical victory. These movies involve or revolve around the LGBT community somehow and each have their own affect on people's lives. There are plenty more great movies out there expounding on the subject, but these were picked and reasons are given of why they won me over.

13) Brokeback Mountain

Many people love this movie and would put it higher on the list, but it didn't really affect me in a positive way. I understand this was one of the first movies to show such intense intimacy between males, but I didn't feel for them. The story seemed broken and they could have made things better for each other if they truly loved one another, but they didn't. They did what any normal heterosexual couple would do when someone is cheating. The cinematography was amazing and the acting is really great and believable, but the story just didn't do it, and it was unnecessary to have the sex scene, but I understand and commend for doing it.

12) Bound

It may not be widely known, but this film is an interesting one done by the Wachowskis (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Sens8). It's a great thriller movie that provides entertainment. This is Brokeback for straight men and gay women because having these two beautiful women, Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly, in the film together brings wondrous fantastical desires to fruition. It's a darker erotic thriller of what two women lovers will do to men in order to be together, and how they are bound to each other no matter what. It's some great writing and filmmaking, I mean, the Wachowskis made it, it's gotta be great in some way (not considering "Jupiter Ascending" at this point because I'm on the fence about that movie).

11) Victor Victoria

It's an oldy but a goody. This film was great, especially back in the day when it first came out. Julie Andrews never fails to impress and entertain us with her wonderful singing and sunny disposition. She is one of the most amazing women ever. The movie is beautiful with wonderful costumes and art direction, and good humor to boot.. The songs and the dancing are top notch. Everyone should enjoy this dazzling musical movie.

10) Rules of Attraction

The entire movie doesn't revolve around a gay couple or anything, but a story with one of the main characters involves his situation with being gay and shows how it affects those who don't necessarily accept who they are and how they fear others who don't understand or respect life style choices. This film has a lot of great moments that still have a big impact on lives, and it represented college kids at a party really well. Off a slight tangent, the disturbing "I can't live" bathtub scene still haunts my thoughts. I get depressed every time I hear that song.

9) Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Huge hit everywhere. This was an Off Broadway show at first and then it just blew up. They still bring this show back on Broadway, Micheal C. Hall plays Hedwig currently, which should be amazing to watch if you get the chance. This glam rock musical is stupendous and tells a great story through songs. There are many things to enjoy in this film now and for years to come. Only wish I could see a live performance because I'm sure it's spectacular, but at least there is this film so all can watch and enjoy at any moment.

8) To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Growing up this movie was weird, but really funny. At the time of seeing the film I didn't understand what was going on, but was always entertained and never wanted to believe it was actually men in those roles. Looking back it was truly a brilliant and moving film. The acting is magnificent, as well as the costumes and make-up. This is a cult classic that I think everyone should see if they haven't seen it.

7) Party Monster

An absolutely amazing movie. The acting performances of Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin are spot on and draws one into the story even more. The subject matter of the story may not have been the greatest, but the delivery was superb. I never would have thought either of the actors would play these roles, but they did it so well it can't be seen any other way. The love those characters have for each other is like a normal couple who are a bit messed up. Both constantly make mistakes and screw each other over, but still love one another for some strange reason. This movie had me reeled in the whole time.

6) Rocky Horror Picture Show

I don't think much writing is necessary here because everyone knows about this film and the Broadway shows. Cult classic at its finest. Interactive shows of this happen every year around Halloween, and sometimes not around Halloween. As a theatre kid, this film has always been enjoyable and it has some of the most memorable songs and characters. I understand some people's uncomfortableness with Tim Curry in this role, I was when I first saw it, but I think it was because he did the role so well. I've never seen this show live, but I'm sure it's difficult for everyone because you can't help but compare the actor to Tim Curry's portrayal. Tim made that role and I don't think anyone can do a better job than him. This movie is sure to bring joy to your world.

5) Prick Up Your Ears

Many may not have heard of this movie, but it's an intriguing story about the life of infamous writer Joe Orton, played by Gary Oldman, and his lover Kenneth, played by Alfred Molina. In college I wrote a paper over Joe Orton and his controversial play "What the Butler Saw", upon doing the research I learned about Orton's life, and dove more into it on a personal level outside of writing the paper. His life is interesting, chaotic, and very dramatic. If you like movies revolving around fascinating characters, then you should like this one. The two lead actors are absolutely superb in capturing the essence of the the real people and telling their story.

4) Dallas Buyers Club

An astonishing film. Matthew McConaughey no longer plays himself. He is startlingly impressive in this role and i wonder what he did to make himself look the way he does. He lost lots of weight and looks totally different, which helps to make him not portray Matthew. McConaughey deserves his Oscar, hands down, as well as Jared Leto. Just between this movie and "Mr. Nobody", Jared Leto has proven to be one of the most magnificent actors of our time (and I can't wait to see him as The Joker). This movie shows how people deal with AIDS, even when you're not gay. Many people assume that if you have AIDS, ten you must be gay, but that's where this movie comes in to prove those folks wrong. It's a great story that shows a different side of HIV. Don't count on it making you feel good though, it may make you cry on a joyous day.

3) The Birdcage

One of the funniest movies of all time. If you want nonstop laughter while watching a "gay pride" movie today, then this is the one. People have to disguise themselves in order to get others to believe that they are not gay. It could have gone a completely dark and dramatic direction and kept the same story, but it didn't and that's what makes it perfect. It's very lighthearted and we shouldn't condone people to covering up who they are in order to keep secrets, especially when it's keeping secrets from people who you are bringing into your family, but the way it plays out, we wouldn't want it done any other way. Robin Williams (peace be with you) is as funny as ever and he isn't over-the-top like usual. Robin plays the straight character (haha) to Nathan Lane's over dramatic character. The casting is perfect. Hank Azaria is my all time favorite, and I nearly died when I saw Gene hackman in drag. If you'd like to remain happy and full of laughs in celebration of the legalization, then watch this flick.

2) Rent

Many people have this movie all turned around. Honestly, people veered away from this movie instantly after it was made fun of in "Team America World Police". Don't get me wrong, "Team America" was a hilarious film that I've seen more times than "Rent", but that one song ruined everyone's outlook on this story. This story is not about AIDS or everyone having AIDS. Maybe half the main characters have AIDS. This movie is about love. They sing about it being a story of love and how it can overcome all obstacles, including AIDS. It's about love and loss happening quickly and needing to cherish every moment you have while you're in love. This movie is incredibly moving and I was one who never wanted to watch it because I thought I would be some dumb musical with people having gay sex and getting AIDS, but I was pleasantly surprised by this film and it has forever stained my heart and mind. The songs get in my head at random moments in my life and it feels good, and I don't sing musical songs often though I have a theatre background. This movie is recommended if you want a feel good musical movie about love in honor of the day love won in America.

1) Milk

A great political story. The film is a wonderful marriage of art and history. Instead of a dry portrait of an assassinated leader, we get a beautifully rendered flavor of the times, and an intimate vision of a gay man finding his place within a community and in history. This is the best movie that can portray the way things are in our country when it comes to homosexuals. Sean Penn does a spectacular job at playing a realistic version of Harvey Milk. I loved hearing about the things Harvey did in order to fight for his and everyone's right to be themselves. The movie was very moving and emotional. I think Harvey would be ecstatic if he were here today to see what has happened on this day in history, I mean, he kind of was the one who started it all, right? He's like the MLK (haha) for gay rights.

Now, take this list and these words into account while you contemplate the gay pride movie you decide to watch on this victorious day. May rainbows shine a colorful light in your world as you memorialize the announcement with the rest of the equal country that is America. We really will be enjoying independent festivities soon since our country became a little bit more free and equal.

What do you think of this list? What would be on your list?


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