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Captain America has been touted as Avengers 2.5 due amount of Marvel superheros featuring in this upcoming blockbuster. And now shooting has begun on third solo outing for Chris Evans' Steve Rogers,drips and drabs of information regarding its plot continue to e released ,and it looks as though one seismic moment will be filmed imminently-a funeral

But really i don'y have any clue whose funeral it will be . But because of the source materials that film is based on one of the most popular theories is that it could actually be Captain America's.

This picture clearly depicts that Iron Man is going to win but he seriously going to kill him?

Death of Captain America will be a great shock to the fans of Captain America and a little too to those fans who have read the comics Captain America: Civil War by Mark Miller.

But if you have not read this comics i am going to tell you in brief the thing happens that after a brutal fight between them Captain America Surrenders before Tony Stark and Tony kills him in anger.One more thing that fuels these rumors that Captain America is going to die that Chris Evans have contract of six movies with Marvel studios and it will be his sixth appearance in McU and it will be his last appearance in Captain America: Civil War if we include his minuscule cameo in Thor: The Dark World

In Mark Miller's comics it is shown that when Captain America dies the Winter Soldier replaces him and himself becomes Captain America

However ,it would still be huge shock if Marvel decided to replace the hugely popular Evans ,who has made himself a mainstay of Marvel's Cinematic Universe with Stan's Winter Soldier ,who not only died halfway through Captain America: First Avenger,but was villain for all of Winder Solider. Meanwhile, Stan's also lacks the A-list status of Evans, which has helped to make the character so popular for mainstream movie audience


Who could die in Captain America: Civil War


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