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Ant Man the Japanese Trailer

The Trailer

Now a few trailers for this film have been released, but for some reason Marvel's Youtube account released the Japanese one on the American account. But hay, I watched it because I thought there might be some new footage, and I was right. Marvel hasn't failed often for me, at least when it comes to the films, of the 11 that have been released I only hate 1 of them (Iron Man 3) and 2 of them I actually like so much that I feel the need to watch them from time to time (the Incredible Hulk / Guardians of the Galaxy).

This trailer seemed to focus a little more on the drama side of the film, and less on the action like the previous one. It also focused on the comedy side, but the other trailer also had most of the same gags. This trailer also goes a little more into the actual story of the film.

Although with all the trailers this film is looking like it will fall in line with the Thor Films, decent but not Marvel's best.

Attack on Titan LA Trailer 2

I kind of liked the anime that this film is based on (which is based on a manga) but it's not really my favorite series that I can't wait till the next episode. But it's decent enough that I'll watch the second season when it airs on TV in a English Dub (I don't really like Subs, if I want to read something I'll get the book.) And with this film most likely never getting a dub and only being subbed I'll probably won't watch the film but decided to watch the trailer for it anyways. Mostly to see what it looked like.

Onto the Trailer

It looks decent enough, but I don't understand a bloody word they are saying except for the few times the two leads cry out each others names. With most of the fans complaining about the film is the fact the two leads Eren and Mikasa being romantically involved (or at least kissing) in this trailer, I actually don't care if the two are a couple or not. I enjoy versions of the series like Abridged on Titan more than the actual show. The Abridged version mocks the fact that the relationship seems one sided.

Kung Fu Panda 3

In all honestly, this film series is like the Dispicable Me one. I watched the first, tried to watch the second, but hated it so much I wouldn't go for a thrid time. But unlike Despicable Me 2, I actually finished Kung Fu Panda 2.

The Trailer

Yep, seems like the statuesque is still the same. Some things never change and Dreamworks is one of them. They have a great first outing, or just okay as the case with Panda and the sequels tend to kill the magic. The only exception being Shrek 2, 3 and 4 are abominations to film making.

Hitman Agent 47

I know nothing about this movie, it just on my feed and I needed a 4th film for the Run.....

So it started out like the film was going to be something along the lines of, so we're rooting for the bad guy. But then it changed into the generic 'you're something special, there are people out there that want you' blah blah blah and the person who was average at the start of the film is super at the end.

But all I kept thinking during the action scenes were 'FX has the movies, FX has the movies' I might watch it when it come to FX. Not if, when.

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