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Thousands of people all year long attend conventions and dawn armor, capes and suits of there most loved Comicbook heroes, this is known as Cosplay, an art-form made by passionate fans that go beyond there imagination and make fantasy into reality.

During Wizard World Comic-con in Sacramento California I had the pleasure to talk and interview Tim Hurles. A Cosplayer who is known and can been seen on Instagram as "The Amazing Spider-Man" & "Captain America".

Before we start, here are some photos of Tim provided by "Heroic Imaging".

Taken By "Heroic Imaging"
Taken By "Heroic Imaging"

Q: When did you first start to Cosplay ?

A: I first started to Cosplay in 2009, It was at Wonder-Con in San Francisco where my first Cosplay was a classic comic style Captain America.

Q: When did you first discover Captain America ?

A: Well when i was a kid around age five or six i started getting into superheroes, Cap was my favorite and still is my favorite then after that i just gravitated and fell in love with most of the Marvel universe and its characters.

Q: How long did it take you to put together "The Amazing Spider-Man" suit your wearing now.

A: This suit was actually done by "Spidey 4 fun" and it took him about eight months to put it all together, so it is a time consuming process but its well worth it. Any Spidey Cosplayer knows that he's the Ace when it comes suit making for Spider-Man, nobody is better than him, he located out of Australia so go look him up "Spidey 4 Fun" if you'd like a top notch suit, that's the guy to see.

Q: So Spider-Man & Captain America are the two biggest Cosplay's on your Instagram, is there anymore heroes that you'd like to add to that portfolio.

A: Actually yes i would, i have considered doing a Bruce Banner in the process of turning into The Hulk Cosplay, i have also considered a classic Wolverine from the Hulk 181 cover, so yeah there are a few other Marvel ones that im kicking around as of now.

Q: So out of all the Captain America suits you have done, which suit is your favorite ?

A: Yes bar none my Smithsonian Captain America suit, done by "Gordon's get-ups" out of Arizona, and its just phenomenal i love that suit, its probably my all time favorite and its also one of a kind, there's not many people who actually Cosplay that version of Captain America. You see a lot of first Avengers suits from the first movie but you really don't see to many people doing the Smithsonian, and i know from myself personally that i haven't seen anybody with or making one. So i like to think that its one of a kind.

Q: If someone is new to Cosplay what are some words of advice you could give.

A: Probably to just have fun with it, don't be ashamed or afraid to just try something new or try something different and get out of your comfort zone, it can be a little intimidating sometimes, for me when im going up to a Con myself for appearances i get a little nervous, but even still in costume you kind of stand out. At the end of the day it's just a lot of fun and don't be afraid to take risks.

Q: Are there any Cosplay's that you have created from scratch ?

A: Yes i have done several Cosplay's for my kids which were all from scratch, my son did a classic Jack Kirby style Thor, and that was one i completely did from scratch. I have worked a lot on a bunch of different Spider-Man suits, like the design components on how i want the suit to look and then setting that up in Photoshop, also having somebody who is more proficient in that area to help me with that process. So yeah conceptually i have done a lot of things from scratch but sometimes i do need to find someone who has skilled hands to help me in my certain situations.

Q: So now that we have discussed the possible heroes you have in mind for a future Cosplay, is there any idea's you'd would like to share that are not in the world of Comics ?

A: Yeah well like i said id like to try to do Wolverine from Hulk 181, but going outside of Marvel is hard because im a huge fan of the world. I haven't really tried anything outside of that yet, but i am considering doing Guile from "Street fighter" in the future, that's one that i would like to do because several of my friends are apart of a Street Fighter group and if i want to hang out with those cool kids i got to get a Street Fighter costume. So that's another one that i have also been considering to do.

Q: Alright last question, what is the next big Cosplay that you are working on that you haven't revealed yet, if you'd like to reveal to the readers.

A: Well i have quite a few, for myself i have the first Avenger Captain America from the movie a real high quality Cosplay suit that i'm working on. I'm also going to be doing the Civil War Captain America when that gets shown off, and thankfully every movie that comes out with the Cap there's a new suit so it keeps me very busy. Also for my wife i am actually getting her to do a "Miss Marvel" and my daughter to do a "Captain Marvel" so i have some family Cosplay's in the works and that's a lot of fun too, it takes a bit of my time as well. So much to do and i love every second of it.

Photo's provided by "Eurobeat Kasumi"
Photo's provided by "Eurobeat Kasumi"

And last you all can find "Tim Hurles" and all his cosplay creations here on - Instagram & Facebook

Creation is limitless, after talking and getting some very satisfying answers from Tim, it gave me more of an insight on how creative anyone can be. Tim has many plans in store for future Con's and Conventions, so if you attend a convention in the California area make sure to look for Tim and grab a picture with the Cap.

Thanks for reading everybody, make sure to follow me on Moviepilot for more Cosplay interviews and pop culture news, also follow Tim on his Facebook & Instagram all links are above, and speical thanks to Lee from "Heroic Imaging" for providing the pictures. - Adam V


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