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After the release of Batman: Arkham Knight and the possibilities regarding Rocksteady's next project, I would want nothing more for them to be able to make the first truly fantastic Superman game. While there has been some speculation that a Justice League game is next, I think that a solo Superman game is more likely and should be a bigger priority. Superman should not need the entire Justice League to be able to be in a good Video Game. So down below are my thoughts on what should be included in a Superman game to make it great. I do realize that not every aspect of a game is in here, like a narrative for the story, these are simply thoughts that I put in a document at 3 am when the urge to put my thoughts together came. Also I realize that a lot of these ideas make the game similar to the Batman games, but I don't necessarily think that would be such a bad thing. There are ways that similar systems for Batman can be used for Superman and with small adjustments, work just as well. Let me know what you think of them and what you think should be included to make a truly great Superman game!

Villains that can be used for a Superman game

The Obvious first draft pick
The Obvious first draft pick

Lex Luthor
I think that Lex needs to be one of, if not the main bad guy of the game. We have numerous easter eggs referring to him even more than the Man of Steel himself, so it's only logical to have him heavily involved in the game. the game can have him continue if not really kick off his anti Superman campaign and can also be using this to gain access into the white house. His boss fights wouldn't include him in person until close to the end when he inevitably don his Warsuit to take down Supes himself, once again realizing that if want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Now because Lex would have his Warsuit, It's only fair to inlcude the one who gave him the suit...

The Grey/Blue Goliath God
The Grey/Blue Goliath God

Darksied would probably play a similar role to Ras al Ghul in Arkham City to only the point that Darksied would want to offer Lex help to take down Superman (or at least distract him) so that Darksied could make preparations for his own plan, whether it includes putting together his own method of capturing or killing Superman, or simply want to invade the Earth and take it for his own, he would be one of the most difficult Boss Battles in the game, making the player really take care to watch how much power they are using, but at the same time wanting to dish out some serious damage to stop Darksied and his parademons (which can also be Freeflow group infantry that Supes can take down with ease on his way to Darksied) One potential plan that Darksied could use in the game is making clones of a certain Killing machine to take down the Man of Tomorrow again...

The Executioner
The Executioner

This is where you go all out. Now while there is a potential for Darksied to clone Doomsday like in Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, The way I would want it is Mono y Mono, toe to toe devastating fight to the "death" which would be great to incorporate a fully destructible Metropolis, allowing for some Dragonball Z levels of moves being used, like Doomsday and Superman punching each other's fists, sending a massive Shock wave through the city. This would require the player to use every tactic and strategy they can think of to keep Doomsday at bay and keep him from harming people. There should be more types of Boss battles than just slug fests though, there should be some more thinking coming into play, like for instance...

Mr. Robato
Mr. Robato

Brainiac is traveling intergalactic search engine that has been around ever since Krypton was destroyed (and can possibly be responsible for that happening) and this narrative for the game, has fought Superman before, so you have to be able outsmart him, thus using super speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, quick hits and good timing to be able to take him down. This would be the Mr.Freeze fight in the game, because after you catch him off guard he will alter his surroundings and himself to avoid be hit the same way twice. You would have to use the environment and certain "tricks" To outwit the smarts motherboard in the universe. This fight and part of the game would have Superman most likely at fully power, but some of the smarter fights would have to take place because he doesn't have full power or no power at all....

The walking, talking Kryptonite display case
The walking, talking Kryptonite display case

Metallo of course has the one substance that can really harm Superman and make him truly weak, and that's Kryptonite. because of this, for points of this encounter, Superman will have to keep a safe distance away if he wants to be able to avoid that rock. If he doesn't, the radiation from it will eat away at his health/stamina, leaving Metalllo points where he can land punishing blows in retaliation. Good methods to use specifically for him is to be able to find some the heat vision onto Metallo's chest, thus covering the Kryptonite and for Superman to do his thing, other tactics that could be used to plain hurt Metallo can include throwing things like Cars, Buses.... more cars and buses. Basically anything that you can heat vision the engine and make it go boom. Other characters would have a similar boss fight, like maybe Kryptonite Man.

Here are some other villains to use for side missions and/or Challenges:

Lobo- Superman can fly after him while he's own his jet bike, giving the player NONE RING based race challenges, then later have a mid air confrontation with him and send him back into space (or into the phantom zone)

Bizzaro- Think Dark Link, but with a cape and a backwards S

Mr. Mxyzptlk- Being from the fifth dimension that can giver Superman puzzles and challenges to find throughout Metropolis or even in the Fortress of Solitude, Similar to the Riddler

Parasite- Similar fight to Metallo, but if Parasite gets his hands on you, he can heal himself and get to use your powers like heat vision, making him even more difficult the longer he gets hands on contact with you.

How Health/ Harming Superman could work:

This is probably the biggest potential problem with Superman games. Superman is known of course to be invincible (with the exceptions to things like Kryptonite and Magic), but otherwise he can't be hurt. Some games have had him have a health bar and Nerf him, or they don't give him a health bar and make Super O.P. I think I got this figured out though...

His base health can be always displayed, with small arms fire and even large arms not having any effect at all while in sunlight, while shaded do minimum damage, and as more powerful enemies land blows in various locals with different effects (parasite life drain/Kryptonite) His health would deplete faster but at least be on a slow re-gen cycle, increasing in speed as he is exposed and gets closer to the sun. Health upgrades can be add on “armor” Like extra health bars for Batman where Superman can take more shots without needing to stay in sunlight, or could just increase the re-gen of his health despite him not being in sunlight at all times.

Powers would also drain is health bar, since it is focused on his solar energy. If he uses powers like heat vision( which is the power of his the takes the most solar energy to use) too frequently, he will be lowered to a minimum base health amount (also reduced to such after a Solar Flare discharge) where then he would need to be on the defensive.

Solar Flare can be used as a last resort super move and allow for more Batman like fighting when Superman is more de-powered. He can use his own style of fighting and minimal amount of superhuman power to fend off attackers and get away to other areas.

Stopping crime should be on more or less and more in depth version of the hero/menace system in the Amazing Spider-man 2 game, with less of an aggressive negative punishment. The public will see you as more of a hero or menace as you complete side crime instances, and how you perform in those missions would also affect the score. If you become more menace than hero, more people would begin to side with Lex Luthor and his Anti Superman campaign, allowing for more funding of Lexcorp military applications being used to guard the people from you, thus making you have to fight more Lexcorp tech, potentially making saving people and stopping crimes a tad more difficult.

Types of random crime/incidents:

  • Building Fire
  • Meteor Shower
  • Car jacking
  • Mugging
  • Armed robbery
  • Bank robbery
  • Natural Disasters (Tornadoes, Volcanoes, etc.)
  • Catching/Rescuing cars and buses from falling off bridges
  • Taking injured people to hospitals
  • Getting cats out of trees (can't beat the classics)

Side characters can be included as both cameos are similar to the dual play combat in Arkham Knight.

Following allies can include:

And of course

They can be used for backup in fights or to help you in puzzles and challenges that may require different abilities and strategies than the usual Superman style. All should also be playable in any kind of challenge maps (except Batman and/or Krypto for various reasons)

The game’s engine should be the same as the Arkham games (which I believe for Arkham Knight was Unreal Engine 4)

The City:

The City of Tomorrow
The City of Tomorrow

Metropolis should of course be completely open from the jump (with areas potentially being cut off from Superman or taken control of by a Villain). As much of the City as possible should be destructible, with interiors of buildings be seamless with the overworld for potential combat possibilities (the Superman/Doomsday fight from the canceled Factor Five game is an example of use of that). The design and feel of it should vary in almost every way from Gotham. Sunny and bright with minimal rain (although a day/night cycle would be a thing to include and also can be used to vary the difficulty of missions and random crimes) the buildings should all be very futuristic or modern in many ways while having suicide slum and areas like that look run down and overall just not well kept. Iconic landmarks should of course be included like the Daily Planet Building (removable globe and all), the Superman Statue in the park, Suicide slum, Lois’s apartment, etc. The Fortress of Solitude should also be freely accessible throughout the game ( for recovery, upgrades, and various story moments.) this transition could be made similar to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, where Superman can look off in the distance in the air and then take off at light speed to the fortress, then have the screen fade out and fade back in with Superman outside of the Fortress of Solitude. The Fortress itself should be expansive and have plenty of Easter eggs to encounters with various rogues, and team ups with Batman along with other Justice League Member such as Wonder Woman training Supergirl or his Charity run with the Flash. The fortress should include things like the robotic butlers/guards, and a chamber for Superman to pick out Alternate costumes.

Superman's main costume through the game should the the Pre 52 suit (with the red speedo in all of it's glory)

Alternate Costumes can include but not be limited to:

Outside Metropolis Travel:

Another thing that should be included is being able to go up into space and break through the atmosphere. Maybe even have the option of going to the Sun and becoming completely supped up for some kind of mission involving moving the earth or some kind of planetoid. Underwater access would also be a nice fit, with water reaction the best of ability realistically for the force of Superman flying into and out of the water , as well as similar realism in the way the water would ripple and part if Superman was flying just above the surface.


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