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Marko Škrbić

Hi guys.This morning I was on my Facebook when I came across this !

This is just pure gold. For the fans of "Avengers" and "Wizard of Oz" franchises this is gonna be epic. This is fan video done by Darren Wallace, man on YouTube who apparently does VFX AND STUPID SHIT, at least that's what his YouTube Channel Art says. Anyway this is great video and great visual effects, there is no stupid shit although combining Wizard of Oz with Avengers is little bit stupid and non sense but we have warning on the beginning of the video :

Like I said !
Like I said !

Now I wanna talk about this fan video. I put fan videos in three groups:
1)Crap and shit
2)Good but meh

Until now i had only one video in third category(Fan video about Doctor Who) but I think it deserves place in third category.

One thing I must say is that Tin Man looks fucking bad ass. For me he looks better than Ultron in movie, okay, maybe not better but he is still great and nicely done !

Anyway guys I will not say anything more just watch video :

I hope you are amazed as I was :)


So guys in Which category would you put it ?


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