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Baldwin Collins

Well the news is out in the public, that Warner bros studios are planning a reboot or remake of they're 1993 classic hit movie 'the fugitive' starring Harrison ford and Tommy lee Jones, a film that earned Jones best supporting actor Oscar award. the original producers from the movie, Arnold & Anne Kopelson are returning at the Helm. And screenplay writer Christina Hodson is possibly writing the latest story, I remember seeing the original creator Roy Huggins name in the movie's credits at the beginning. However the character Richard Kimble who Huggins created. has a fantastic History in Television, a weekly episode series back in 1963. Starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard kimble a physician whose Falsely convicted of his wife's Murder and Sentenced to the Death Penalty.

The show also starred, Barry Morse who played police lieutenant Philip Gerard whose obsessed ambition is only to Catch richard kimble. the drama/action series aired from 1963 - 1967. However in my opinion i Doubt that the movie's producers are Seriously considering in bringing back Harrison ford & Tommy lee jones for the remake version ? What do you think, bring them back ?


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