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A few years ago The Witcher was known as a successful series of fantasy short stories and novels written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

However, after the studio CD Projekt RED developed a game which was based on the books and was released in 2008, the tales of Geralt have literally exploded in popularity. Since then, two more games based on The Witcher book series have been released, both being extremely well-received and commercially successful.

Despite the success of The Witcher in both literature and gaming, we are yet to see a worthy adaptation on the silver (or small screen). Both the TV series The Hexer (2001) and the film which followed them were absolute failures, which did not use the creative potential of the source material or capture the atmosphere of the books at all.

With that being said, I believe that it is high time one of the major Hollywood studios fixed this unfairness and gave all the fans a motion picture worthy of the breathtaking world of The Witcher. As a result, here are 5 reasons why Hollywood should make a movie based on Geralt's adventures:

P.S. There is some information that a film about The Witcher is in the works, but almost nothing is known about this project. What we do know is that the Academy Award nominated director Tomasz Baginski, who also worked on the intros of the video game adaptations is attached to the project.

1. The Witcher has complex, intriguing and often morally ambiguous characters.

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Whether you have read the books, played the games or both, there is one thing that you must have noticed very quickly - the world of The Witcher is full of interesting and cunning characters, who are torn between their vices and virtues.

For example, while Geralt is by nature a loner and an outcast, as well as cold and ruthless, he is also loyal to death to his friends and has a good sense of humor, in spite of his outwardly cold nature.

On the other hand, Triss Merigold is sensitive and somewhat insecure and she is also not completely trusworthy, but this is because of the fact that she is conflicted between being loyal to her friends and her responsibilities as a sorceress. Furthermore, Yennefer is kind-hearted and clever, but she is also a femme-fatale and possesses a fiery temperament, which has forced her to have (at times) a love-hate relationship with Geralt.

In conclusion, these are only three short descriptions from the array of characters in the world that Andrzej Sapkowski has created, so there are certainly many more characters to be explored and brought to audiences.

2. A unique atmosphere due to the creation of a fantasy world based on Slavic and other mythologies.

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Unfortunately, the Western cultures are still not very familiar with the beauty of Slavic mythology and folklore. The Witcher is very heavily inspired by the folklore of Poland and its neighbors. For example the whole concept of a "witcher" comes from the word Wiedźmin (Ukranian - Vedmak, Russian - Vidmak), which is a direct Slavic reference. In addition, many of the background stories can be found in the famous Russian Slavist Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev's collection of folk tales. Also, the books are to a big extent Sapkowski's reconstruction of the foundational myths of Polish history, much like Tolkien's are for the Anglo-Saxons.

On the flipside, some aspects of the games, such as the Nilfgaard wars and the rise of the Order of the Flaming Rose, are connected to the Northern Crusades, the most major political event in the Baltic Sea area in the 12th and 13th century.

Finally, much of the Murky Waters sequence, notably the Noonwraiths and the story of the Midday Bride, is straight out of Polish folk tales. So is the dragon hunt in the books and the Kayran quest in the second game in the series.

The bottom line is that the presence of Slavic (as well as Nordic) mythology can be felt in The Witcher's world all the time and this adds even more depth to the different storylines.

3. The Witcher has a perfect balance between different types of spectacular fights, moral dilemmas, machinations and romance.

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As perfectly showcased in the games, Geralt often has to go up against plenty of human opponents, as well as all kinds of monsters such as: Drowners, Dragons, Wraiths, Trolls, Arachas, Strigas, Bloedzuigers, Cockatrices, Wyverns, Alghouls, Basilisks, Graveirs and plenty of others. With the emergence of all kinds of special effects Geralt's encounters with a variety of enemies can be captured in a way which will leave audiences mesmerized.

Furthermore, one of the major features of the game series is that you often have to make important choices that influence the way in which the game will unfold forward. These kinds of dilemmas and doubts can be expressed on the big screen and this will make viewers even more sympathetic with the main characters.

Last but not least, The Witcher's world is not only filled with violence, but there is also a lot of room for love and... yes, sex. For example, before Wild Hunt was even released, CD Projekt RED, boasted that the game’s sex scenes required 16 hours of motion capture data. Fans like sex scenes and love triangles, if they are executed correctly and I am sure that, for instance Geralt's confliction between Triss and Yennefer will be interesting to see in a motion picture.

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4. The quality source material provides a great base for a script.

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There are a lot of times when directors manage to make magical things with questionable source material.

However, this is not one of them because the works related to The Witcher's world are full of amazing storylines, which can be adapted to the silver screen. With several books and short story collections there is plenty of source material to be explored.

5. The success of the book and game series will propel the movie to success.

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The final reason why a movie about The Witcher should be made and will be successful is that the series already have an established audience.

Millions of copies of the books and the games (and several '"Game of the Year" awards for the titles in the CD Projekt RED's trilogy) have been sold and everyone is familiar to a certain extent with Geralt's adventures. This is why we, fans deserve to have a movie about our beloved world of The Witcher and I am sure that if the film is of decent quality, then its commercial success will be more than guaranteed.


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