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The Flash season finale left us with a big cliffhanger as Barry was trying to stop a giant wormhole from destroying Central City.

The season premiere's title of next season doesn't give much info but confirms that the city is saved as expected.

"The Man Who Saved Central City". This title doesn't give enough hints about this episode. But we may wonder: is Barry that man or maybe it could be another meta-human ?

The episode is a story from Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and the script was written by Kreisberg and Gabrielle Stanton.

The episode is being directed by Ralph Hemecker. He previously directed episode 9, "The Man in the Yellow Suit," and episode 17, "Tricksters."

Two days ago, at the 41th Saturn Awards, Grant Gustin won the "Best Superhero Adaptation Television Series" for The Flash. While talking to the press, Gustin revealed a few things about the new big villain for next season.

According to him, they are "introducing a really cool big bad that’s going to be revealed kind of immediately”. I think it's safe to assume that this villain is a totally new character we have never seen before on the show. Some people were expecting Grodd to rise as the new threat for Team Flash, but I don't think he will be for now.

Grodd is still learning and not enough powerful to be a threat throughout an entire season. We know he sees Thawne as a father and thinking Barry killed him could be a reason for him to hate The Flash.

They announced two new villains, Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy. I don't see them as main villains but more as recurring characters who will pop up by themselves first, but eventually as part of the Rogues.

Mirror Master / Doctor Alchemy
Mirror Master / Doctor Alchemy

The Flash's mythology is so rich, it makes it even harder to speculate about what we can expect for next season.

You can check Grant Gustin's video below ! Thank you for reading my article ! Tell me what you think on the comments section!

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