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Baldwin Collins

Yes. paramount pictures is actually giving a non- professional outside of the studios decision makers helm, a chance to pitch his own concept idea for a new star trek t v series, Do we need another star trek series ? we probably do, since the last series was cancelled back in 2006, fans are wondering is this it, the franchise is steadily coming to a end ? Well according to media news star trek fan Michael Gummelt will be pitching his concept idea titled 'star trek uncharted.

Sounds good to me. but when you think of it carefully, who better can put a new spin on shows like this, the fans themselves. after all it 's the fans who keeps the franchise running over the decades. However remember the late Gene Roddenberry who created 'the original star trek T v series. he had a hard time with network Executives trying to convince them to accept his sci-fi show, they rejected his pilot Episode titled 'the cage ' 1965 and ordered another pilot, which was accepted titled 'Where no man has Gone' and aired the following year 1966. with 3 season's and a world wide cult following the rest is History. With next year 2016 being the 50th Anniversary of the Franchise, trekkies everywhere will be celebrating, especially as a new star trek movie will also be released Hopefully,

It would be awesome if paramount pictures accept Michael Gummelt's pitch for a new star trek tv series. What do you think ?


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