ByRufaro Sherlock Asuquo, writer at
Rufaro Sherlock Asuquo

Iron Man,Black Widow,Hulk,Captain America,Hawkeye and Thor are in Abu Dhabi as Thor uses Iron Man's suit to find a device which he can't find until a drone attacks him and relies on Black Widow who uses Hawkeye's bow and arrow to take down the drone with Hulk using a grenade launcher to fire at a guard while Captain America uses Thor's hammer to fight off the guards with help from Iron Man who is now Tony Stark holds a taser to shock the guards twice while Thor finds the device and informs J.A.R.V.I.S who is blending in as a waiter by telling him that he needs to distract the crowd which he does by telling the girls to dance leading to Thor who is wearing a suit starts to hack in the system as he gets caught by two guards who begin to escort him out but he tricks them to find a stopwatch leading to the lights to get destroyed by Hawkeye who drives in a Merdeces Benz and knocks out the guards as Thor lifts up the Merdeces Benz and sees a pistol under it as he takes it from the bottom of the Merdeces and starts to shoot at the guards as Hawkeye notices that Thor is a ladies man and has funny jokes to say which soon embarrass Hawkeye who continues driving as he crashes the Merdeces Benz out of the skyscraper as a sniper is behind the Merdeces and begins to attack Hawkeye who uses a book to hit the sniper in the face and then kicks him out of the Merdeces Benz as Hawkeye knows that he is about to get killed as Hulk turns back to Bruce Banner who parachutes out of the penthouse and throws a sawed off shotgun to Hawkeye who shoots at the ejected seat to eject himself out of the Merdeces to survive.


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