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I was so pumped to watch this movie in the beginning due to all the hype surrounding the film. Now what made it even more popular was the fact that it opened on "Valentines Day" and almost every female wanted to see it on that day. Now In my opinion maybe some women got wet off the the fairly decent choices of soundtracks but that's where the "Buck stops" sadly.

The cast was fairly decent well Jamie Dornan was , see for some reason Dakota Johnson who played Anastasia Steele the weird girl next door with a 4.0 GPA her acting is somewhat similar to that of a Kristen Stewart( can't act to save her life) but I'm sure they could have found better cast, one's with actual "chemistry." I saw no chemistry while watching this movie in its entirety, even the blind could see that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson had no real anything going on. For some they just right up had no sex appeal period. Now how is it that you can have a seemingly good story line but a weak execution of that plot? My problem with this movie was the fact that the sex scenes were lacking and for a man as Christian Gray who claims to exercise control in all things ( a sadist with lacking sexual fulfillment to my imagination) clearly didn't exercise much of anything apart from being shirtless most of the times, while Anastasia was giving full long frontal views. This is not the first time a film adaptation of a bestseller didn't quite make the cut.

Christian Grey:What about you? I'd like to know more about you
Anastasia Steele:There's really not much to know about me. Look at me
Christian Grey:I am.


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