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I'm one of those people that when a friend tells me not to watch something I have to defy advice and go watch it anyway, most of the time I wish I would have listened. Certain movies have knocked me sick to my stomach or had me holding my son rocking back and forth and hiding him from the scary, disturbed outside world.

This is a list of movies that I wish I would have avoided.

The human centipede

Now we have all heard of this film, but not all of us have watched, with good reason. I watched it back when I was still in school and at the time this was the worst thing that could ever have been made and made me sick to my stomach, whereas now it's actually pretty tame in comparison to the type of movies I have seen since.

The human centipede 2 full sequence

Of course the second one had to be on this, this one I watched mostly behind a pillow and the scary little fat man haunted my dreams for a while. Sandpaper, if you watched it that word brings images and a cringe like feeling.

Of course the creaters were not done with us yet and decided to make a third, if you haven't seen anything about this I have a small preview

I use the term small loosely as there is nothing small about that centipede of people.

A Serbian film

If you haven't seen this "movie" I urge you not to and please don't Google it either. Two words, newborn porn. It was the most gruesome and awful movie I have ever seen, how this could be considered art is beyond me. The makers of this have sick perverse minds to have made this.

Of course my curiosity has not always done me wrong, some of my favourite movies were films my friends hated, such as Napoleon dynamite, my friend described this movie as dull and "not even funny" whereas I found it hilarious and now own a vote for Pedro T-shirt.

So what do you think? Are you too curious for your own good? And if so are there any movies you wish you would have left alone?


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