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Knock Knock written by Guillermo Amoedo Nicolás López and Eli Roth and directed by Eli Roth who I see as one of the masters of gory horror. This movie is of a home invasion and tells you of a Evan ( Keanu Reeves) a happily married man to Karen (Ignacia Allamand) and two children Louis (Aaron Burns) Vivian (Colleen Camp). One night Even is left home alone to work on his various projects whilst Karen and the kids go to the beach. Whilst alone two damsels in distress (Lorenzo Izzo and Ana De Armas) turns up at his door asking them to use his phone, then the mayhem starts with different mental, physical and emotional torture of him.

I enjoyed this film, but have to say it wasn't the best from Eli Roth. I was expecting lots more gore and torture. I feel is more just like normal home invasion movies. It wasn't really imaginative which you expect from Eli. I did however love the acting and the suspense leading up to Evans torture.

If you like home invasion horrors with not too much gore and violence then this is the movie for you.


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